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“muhajjir a misnomer”


By Dr Faizan Qaisar

Oxford English dictionary defines refugee  as “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster”. In the light of this definition this can be analyzed with ease that refugee is everything but not a person who leaves his home country happily and with his will .Before  getting down to the business let’s look into the history briefly.
For many years white supremacists ruled territory of Hindustan. After decades of foreign subjection patriotic nationalist of the enslaved nation woke up to raise their voices for their countrymen and demanded the potentate rulers to hand over the state to its real heirs. Muhammad Ali Jinnah an insightful and prescient  Muslim leader foresaw that Muslims of south Asia will remained deprived of their rights even if they get rid of British rule because Hindu would become the dominant political power of the region after the end of British regimen. Therefore he demanded to divide Hindustan in two parts Pakistan for Muslims and Hindustan for Hindus, To cut the long story short Pakistan came into being 0n 14th august 1947 and it was announced that anyone interested to live in newly born country could move to new Muslim state from their birth places. Muslims who were at that time living in those region of Hindustan which were not included in Pakistan experienced a great dilemma, for their home country had  now been divided in to two parts and they had to choose  one of them. Most Muslims decided to migrate to newly formed Muslim state. They eventually left India and all their belongings including their homes,friends,reltives,business   and most importantly  their birth places. During the process of migration they did not consider any lose as a lose as they were happy were moving to an Islamic country which was come into being for Muslims of Hindustan. The notable point here is these people were leaving their country not to join another country instead their migration was towards their own country from their birth places. This migration was way different in all its forms and contrary to the definition of migration which is globally accepted.similary these migrants have nothing in common with the Afghan ,Burma migrants in our country or similar migrants with all in the same situations in other parts of the world. This poorly understood situation had brought the name of “Muhajir”  for  the moving from india at that time. The name Muhajjir is nothing but a misnomer for them. Accepting this name is like living a life of an expatriate in your own country!
obliviously everyone among these destitute, exhausted bunches of migrants adopted this term “muhajjir”  for  themselves from then till now even the purely Pakistan born babies born to pure Pakistani parents are called  “ muhajirs”.what a foolishly adopted term indeed”. subsequently the name “muhajjir” was stamped and endorsed by the formation of “ Muhajjir qoami movement”. The party was  founded to protect the rights of urdu- speaking minority in the Sindhi spoken province of Pakistan, But the major blunder again was to accept the term “Muhajjir”. This ominous mistake had resulted in the division of Sindhi nation in two communities .i.e Sindhi and Muhajjir.
According to history of Sindh, people of different ethnic  and cultural background had migrated to Sindh in different period of time but  in the course of time they adopted the Sindhi language and its culture thus making a uniform nation i.e “Sindhi”
Contrarily, for  many reasons the newly arrived Urdu-speaking Pakistani could not adopt the Sindhi culture and Sindhi language, this failure and the name muhajjir have created many ethnical, social, linguistic differences between these two communities of Sindh they both have lost trust in each other and have built up mistrust, insecurities, partiality, hatred . Conflicts on many things had caused both of them to shed blood of each other, their differences and conflicts had also been politically exploited. Still the situation is extremely worst. Now the time has come to review the past mistakes in the broader perspective its time to rectify the past blunders.
The first step in the right direction is to replace the inappropriately tagged name muhajir with “Urdu-speaking Sindhi” or “Urdu Speaking Pakistani”.
Urdu –speaking communities should be educated not to use term muhajjir for themselves.
Sindhi speaking population should also understand that who they call or consider Muahjjir are not Muhajjir instead they are just like you ,are the “son of soil”..