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Summer Ki Shokian


By Asma

Summer season arrived aaahh. a season where everybody becomes pepli means pilpli :D . as it is the warmest season and longest days in a year everybody start taking care of their skin.either oldies Goldie or kiddies. girls keep their bags full with sun blocks, shiner and face pack while boys only wear sun glasses/ goggles. as summer season is not one’s favorite one because in this season nobody wants to take a single round of kitchen due to sweating, in this season everybody should start drinking juices because its the season of mashroobs. different theylas of mashroobs are available everywhere . satto “garmi ka sharbat , tarbooz ka sharbat , falsay ka sharbat” , lemo ka sharbat”. season brings cherish, brings smiles on the faces how ? like kids are out of schools ,  where adults are going for vacations, boys like riding bikes while girls like shopping :P and much more.
Summer provides much more opportunities to go outside for shopping, having chatpata food, ice creams, juices and etc. as it provides activities too like picnics :P . water parks are open , swimming pools get clean by cleaners, people love to visit sea sides in summers to keep themselves fresh and to beat the summer heat. as well as it brings outdoor activities like arranging barbeques, light exercises, gardening,  walking in a parks to lighten up health :) . many peoples wait for summer to fix date of shadi because of vacations :P so that many peoples can do enjoy due to summer vacations aaah! cheers! :P  Girls start wearing dark colors because it is the season of yellowish colors fun in sun :P it is a season of mouth watering fruitellas a number of fruits available in markets like :p mango , water mellon , cheekos, guavas, strawbeerys and one of my most favorite falsaa yumms :P . although! season has fun itself along with wet , sweating and thirst as it brings some other delights :) and now we are again under pressure of this season aaahhhhhh! so enjoy fruits,  juices with load shedding and mosquito bites :) :P
Happy Sweating Season :) .