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By:Maidah Haris Dar

As I was getting ready for a party my 8 year old cousin looked at me and said,
“You’re so lucky baji, you are a grown up you can do anything.”

I looked at her and smiled at her naivety. Children! What do they know being a grown up is anything but lucky. But I don’t blame her; at one time I harbored a similar wish. A wish that I’d grow up soon, so that I could be free, but then reality kicked in and knocked me to my senses.

Looking through the eyes of a child being an adult looked like the ultimate prize that one could get. It entailed no studying, all fun, going out and doing as you please; no permission required no questions asked. It was a bed of roses or so it looked like one.

The truth however was a little different, the bed of roses painted a wonderful picture when seen from that tender young age, but as one nears it they realize that the roses are not alone but accompanied by thorns. It is these thorns that make our life difficult, that diminish that joy of adulthood.

With the passage of time, we grow out of the bubble that was around us. We come in contact with the real world and the reality is that in our everyday life we are burdened by responsibilities and hence have no time for leisure. Men and women alike are busy in the race of life, trying to make their careers, trying to provide their family with all the necessities of life. Most of us never pause, or look around at the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Everyone is so caught up in their world that the magic of looking at the world differently, the creativity and the joyfulness has gotten lost somewhere. Oscar Wilde once said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”  Today people have become cynical; they are full of anger and frustration. We’re not living we just exist.

I look at my little cousin and think that yours is a world full of happiness and joy. You think that when people grow up they get wings and they soar high with freedom, but the truth is that we are born with wings, which wither as we grow older.

Time once gone can not come back, and so there is a need to keep that magic alive, to bring back the lost joy. Before it is too late, take out a little time from the daily hum of life; laugh a little, enjoy a little. Life is a journey and we should live each moment because you only get one shot at it so make the most of it.