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The Xavier Sisters ‘a short blurb’


 By Jennifer 
It all started in 1961 when our mother, who was the driving force behind us, got us to sing at our first concert while she played the guitar.
We weref five sisters.  The band started to evolve during 1965/66 and by 1967 we played for talent shows and jam sessions all over Karachi.
Soon after we were on radio and TV and then on to play at various other venues with contracts in different cities to which our parents always accompanied us.
We played everything from pop to jazz and all kinds of dance music.  We did a few songs in French, Spanish and Italian including one Punjabi song on TV.
In 1972 two of the sisters moved abroad and boys were incorporated into the band.  The band finally broke up in 1975 after the rest of the family emigrated.
Very sadly Cynthia the second eldest sister passed away in March 2009
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  • Lynette Dias Gouveia

    At the time when we approached Jennifer for an interview, Cynthia had just passed away and they were really not keen on having any kind of publicity of their band.

    It meant a great deal to us at LMK when Jennifer finally agreed to do this short blurb!

    The musicians and fans that had the opportunity to hear these girls (now ladies) spoke of their great talent as musicians and versatility!