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ways to kill boredom


By Asma

Getting bored ? Nothing to do ?Ok don’t worry! Here are few ways to kill  your boredom.
Hang out with family & friends or watch comedy movies that helps to kill some time.
Do you have internet, right? Don’t say no because you related to this world and in this world everyone has internet facility. Write blogs on different websites on your favorite topics and upload them. It may increase your knowledge as well as develop writing habits.
Show some talent, your abilities what you can do in your leisure time. Take an admission in creative classes where instructor teaches you about creative work. Stuff such as crystal work , fomic work , gift wrapping etc
Every girl has a passion of designing her own clothes right ? start dress designing. Google the design and do your research. Many designers have their official fan pages online. Take  ideaS from theM and design your own outfits and upload  on social websites. People might love to see your posted work.
Last but not the least, bake a cake or some special manpasand food for your loved ones and invite your mates to join you. I am sure it will help you slip out of boredom sooner than later .