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*Lala la la Boom Boom Afridi

By Naveed Farooqi  For my cricket loving friends, AFRIDI’s epic performance of 76 blasting Runs , 7 wickets and mere 12 Runs with 3 Maiden Overs. [Too brilliant]. in circketing terms; Record of its own kind which beats all of the previous All Round Performances of ODI, because he has done 3 times, yes twice before and this time with […]

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By   Dr.Faizan Qaisar Election 2013 results were shocking, disappointing, and heart-breaking in the province of Sindh as the Sindhi nation had handed over their representation once again to time- tested , corrupt , proven mountebanks to rule us for another five years. This fact was eventually accepted with great pain and disappointment. Though with the passage of time, as […]

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Malala Day on turning 16 .

By Dr Rizwanul Haque  What we never thought of  has come true. A teenager from a conservative SWAT Valley will be addressing  UN in New York. Every Pakistan ruler dreamed to avail an opportunity like this  but never got this chance on merit. On the othere hand the chit of a girl Malala an innocent  girl got the silver lining […]

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ھر روز یھئ خبر کے بم پھٹا کوئ مرا

By Dr Asfaq S Fatmi   ھر روز یھئ خبر کے بم پھٹا کوئ مرا اڑا خود کوئ اور اڑا دیا ھزاروں کو یھ کیسی جانے نفرت ھے یا ھے کوئ سازش اجاڑی گود کتنوں کی کملا دیا بھاروں کو جھاں پر پھول کھلتے تھے آپس کی محبت کے انھی پھولوں کے خون سے نھلا دیا نظاروں کو امید اب کس […]

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