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By   Dr.Faizan Qaisar

Election 2013 results were shocking, disappointing, and heart-breaking in the province of Sindh as the Sindhi nation had handed over their representation once again to time- tested , corrupt , proven mountebanks to rule us for another five years. This fact was eventually accepted with great pain and disappointment. Though with the passage of time, as we all know that time is the best remedy for a wound to heal, and despite all grievances and pain anxious heart- beat and agitated soul were pacified by offering the lollipop of optimism.
It was dejectedly being expected that PPP government would learn lessons from its devastating disappearance and rejection in all other provinces of Pakistan and would not carry on its old corrupt, apocalyptic, unscrupulous policies and would get rid of its old nasty, kleptomaniacs   which already had rotten political system in Sindh to core . That  after taking the charge of new government the new regimen would  review their  offhand, hostile  policies and turned them in the favor of Sindhi nation  as a reward for re-electing the same  posse as their lords. But  contrary to this, It seems zardari-led government does not wish to bring any change in the system and wants to carry on their old policies with the similar zeal without taking in consideration the current hopes, trust ,expectation and past and present hardships and sufferings of Sindhi people .This presentiment that zardari is in no mood to change his attitude was emphasized by the ominous sign that appeared in the form of nomination of  Mr. Syed Qaim Ali shah for the post of chief minister of Sindh once again for the next five years. This sardonic move of Zardari-led PPP has been perceived as if these all PPPP related looters are deriding on the innocence of people of Sindh for re-electing them.
It is desperately being explored that what criteria was set for the nomination of the next chief minister of  Sindh! Is being a 84 years senile and good-for-nothing at  all is what’s needed for the post of the chief minister of Sindh? If it is so then beyond any doubt no other old man can compete Syed Qaim Ali shah.
Sindhi nation ought to learn a lesson now. If they want to grow up, if they want to see Sindh  flourishing , advancing and developing, If they desire for a better life style and the basic facilities of life , if they want highest quality education and heath system for themselves and for their kids , if they don’t want their innocent offspring ,relatives and friends  to suffer a tragic and an agonizing death in an event of terrorism or during an act of target killing  they would have to do one thing willingly or unwillingly that is “To mourn over BHUTTO once for all” Because until Bhutto will remain alive Sindh will never be able to get freedom from enslavement of these barbaric,nasty,malign political PPPP gangsters.