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“Imran, the only threat for Nawaz gov”


ByAhmad Karim

Every existent (thing) that has emerged from non-existence is poison for one person and sugar for another” and “Each and every part of the world is a snare for the fool and a means of deliverance for the wise”

After a change in the mood of people in Pakistan especially in urban areas and educated ones in May 2013 elections, the only possible threat for Nawaz government is Imran, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The galvanized young followers of Khan irrespective of gender can aggravate the situation if asked for street demonstrations, against any repugnant policy by the government, over the demands by opposition, can ignite the political tohu-bohu circumstances after likely participation of some non-state actors like Sheikh-ul-Islam.
The only ostensible rift between the two leaders is on the rigging issue which has brought Imran in Supreme Court after his desperate press conference he had been allegedly perceived insolent by the apex court and issued contempt notice. In order to complete his tenure, Nawaz Sharif the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan, must demean frequent meetings with PTI chief may without media bally-hoo, as his support for this newly elected is mandatory for Nawazs’s complete irenic  tenure and democracy. Privation beyond imagination may also motivate the masses, for street demonstrations and sit-ins, on any reiterated demand by the opposition being protracted not concluded.

It is also not difficult for our establishment to use such a situation by turning massive street demonstrations across Pakistan painted with violence, but that would not only be pernicious for Nawaz government but also for Pakistan. The most important initiative that this new elected government must take is not only to eliminate the mistrust and nourish good relations with the establishment but also with PTI chief just like previous government opposition doctrine.

The recent situation on LoC, end game in Afghanistan, relations with Iran especially decision on gas pipeline, deep interest on Gawadar by China etc. are some of the major highlighted external affairs government is confronting with, while thriving to be on the same page with the armed forces is a mature policy by PML-N, reminiscent  with topple when was averted. One of the wrong initiatives taken by this newly elected government on economic policy by allowing corrupt tax officials to access the details of the bank accounts which was primordially done to trace down the clandestine wealth of tax thieves but the revolt to this strategy, by transferring the monetary assets abroad, by the capitalists triggered dollar to almost Rs.104, highest in the country’s history.

The basic rule for the irenic smooth process of democracy is not only how audacious a government is in decision or policy making, but also having good friendly relations with the opposition, which doesn’t mean the importance for bold and daring decisions are less, and the only opposition leader which has the capability of turning thousands of ignited followers to the streets for a cause is Mr. Khan, whose street demonstrations can be high jacked by some disciplined institutions by turning it to millions.

Checking of legal votes in the four constituencies of 2013 general elections with the help of NADRA is an apparent demand by PTI nowadays, which must be handled peacefully before street demonstrations or sit ins, will not totally eliminate the threat. Imran’s stance on drone attacks is quite a doctrine now, demanding serious work by Nawaz Sharif if seeks to avoid political crisis which may result in total chaos. PTI can make an expected move in early 2014, if not satisfied with government’s policy on drones, by resigning from KP government and may call for a civil dis-obedience movement which would be a lethal move for the government or may also harm the smooth process of democracy.

Another stymie for Nawaz government is peace talks with TTP, the proscribed organization, when military establishment is firm with the view that no talks can be held before TTP unarms itself because of unprecedented massacre caused by this extremism aided with throat-slitting’s of the soldiers of Pakistan. Keeping all these facts in view Nawaz accentuates on peace talks and not demanding surrender or disarm before negotiation session may also cause aloofness between both the parties as the repugnant policy may harm the expected good relations with the establishment, demands PML-N to be on the same page while eliminating this perception that the soft corner for the extremists by Nawaz is more than the soft corner for armed forces.

An intelligent sailor when sails for a long journey takes with him a trusted boat and helping oar paddle which is necessary for an irenic journey. The greater wisdom expected from Prime Minister is to build a good milieu for trust with both army and opposition, involving Imran in policy making at federal level.

  • Faryal Naqvi

    Both Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are supoorters of Talibans Both are the same !

  • Zahid Khan

    Yes this is true that IK is the only threat to Nawaz Regime but talking about Sind , MQM would have been the best option .

  • Samreen Halali

    …iss baat se aam awam ko kya farq perhta hai ke kon kis ke leeaye khutra hai ….. khutray mein tu pk ki aam awam hai ….. kya badal gaya elections ke baad ? kuch bhi nahi ..aur shayad na hee badlay ga .