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Rehman Malick -Runner of all runners


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By Wonky

Rehman Malick took to heels like a contestant for the world fastest runner in Peshawar .If rumors are to believed he out did Usain Bolt ,Jamican sprinter and world’s fastest runner 2012.

No it wasn’t a sports event at all. Mr Malick  was visiting the Lady Reading Hospital to console the families of bomb blast victims of All Saints’s Church Kohati .

Mr Malick before the press, started off with his regular sweet dose of democracy , peace and condemning the sad incidence . However the enraged crowd was in no mood for yet another sermon after the calamity. They chanted their unruly slogans  and medical staff  also comprising of female nurses started to tighten the circle around him. Seeing the situation get worse Mr Malick ran off and was followed by the mob . Later he was rescued and taken inside the chief executive’s office inside the hospital.

PS : It is important to know that Mr Malick during his tenure as PPP’s interior minister cited domestic disputes and personal vendettas between girl friends and boyfriends as major cause of killings in Karachi .The former minister is famous for his side splitting statements and banning cell phone services at anytime he felt would be convenient for him.

  • Rehan

    Lols . I saw that on Tv .
    aND HE SAYS he IS nOT AFRAid Of The Terrorist

  • Saliqa

    Ture that Wonky . I have always found his statements to be hilarious .

  • Amin Kareem

    That is a real shame that a man of his stature had to run for cover .
    I’m extremely disappointed and sad about the incidence that claimed so many precious lives in Peshawar yesterday