featured, GENERAL — September 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Respect All Regions !



By Allan Smith 

I have never said this but now I am horrified, disturbed and just cannot believe this is the Pakistan I am living in. When we were kids turning teens i had friends who were Chinese, Bangladeshi, Sunny, Shia and Iranian. We laughed joked and never thought that we would make each other different. We shared our feelings we shared our religion and we were the closest friends. Today I am sure we share the same feeling as to what has happened to our peaceful nation, why have people lost the peaceful connection and deprived of our humanity. There are no words to express on the brutal terror we are experiencing and hope one day the spirit of peace would reach our heart and we all live as one.

(The blogger Allan Smith is a veteran Pakistani drummer).


  • Haroon Shah

    Minorities are not safe at all in Pakistan

  • Shah Hayat

    Sorry but just not the minorities. No one belonging to any religion is safe in Pakistan and it is the responsibility of our government to provide us safety !

  • Saiqa Naz

    Shayad aaj hum woh sab kuch bhool chakay hain jo kay Qaid na farmaya tha . Peshawar mein hamla jis mein qeemti janaein zaya howein – ye qadam humray mulk he nahi bulke mazhab ke bhi qilaf hai