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Art For Freedom


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By Wahab Khan

Known for her unfettered velocity to evolve the artist formerly known as Madonna ( current name MDNA) has got loads going for her and for the Material World we live in . This time it is called Secret Project Revolution , a 17 minute long film that serves as a call to action for her project Art For Freedom .

A global digital initiative Art For Freedom is specially created to popularize freedom of speech , to address, respond and protest oppression via art!

MDNA has also announced a grants program for the contributors of AFF . Winners will be announced every month over the course of next year and be rewarded 10,000 dollars for the winning entries .

The art work, videos ,clips  about fighting for injustice ,freedom and human rights will be selected by Madonna herself with the help a guest artist every month. For the first round ,it would be Anthony Kiedis of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers .

The project AFF has picked up pace after launch globally and just within a span of two weeks received thousands of entries . If you would like to be a part of Art For Freedom , you can submit your art to www.artforfreedom.com

  • Saleem Arien

    MDNA ?She has named herself after a recreational drug from a chemical called MDMA . That is very Arty !

  • Hameed

    I wish hell to Madonna and all her disciples .She is against not only our but her own religion too. Such people live long ,draw global attention and when they die ,rot in hell.

  • Dania Samuel

    That is a good initiative by Madonna . She has always inspired me as an artist and individual . I will submit my work for Art For Freedom .

  • Sajid Hameed UlZia

    Art for Freedom is a cool site . Thank you sharing this on blogbuster

  • Neelofer

    Bravo To MDNA