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Ban Karo Sab Kuch !


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By Star Gazer

Social Networking sites have caused more mayhem in Pakistani politics than anywhere else in the world . It is all mostly because of the fact that ordinary people are smarter and more tech- savvy then  our  not so able  politicians . The  social networking sites of late have allowed more freedom of speech than  what has ever been known to exist  in our so called democratic country since its inception. The younger generation has found it’s perfect platform in the shape of Social Networks to express itself and it is no wonder why the political leadership of Pakistan is always finding excuses to shut down this barrage of networks denuding it’s ills and corruption.

The former government ,many a times shut down cell phone services to curb terrorism . You Tube was banned because of blasphemous content and so was Face book on more than one occasion . Not that such bans proved to be of any benefit  or changed anything for the better  the outcome was always inconvenience to the users.

Two days ago the press conference by Information Minister Sharjeel Memon in which he announced shut down of Skype , Tango ,WhatsApp and Viber  ,was in his view,  a measure taken to reduce the risk of terrorism in Sind . Oblivious to what is happening in rest of the country and specially KPK , Mr Memon ( who could barely pronounce WhatsApp correctly  and called it What’s Up ) had no prior understanding about the closure with the federal interior minister or  the telecom sector . In all honesty If closure of certain websites can help eradicate terrorism in Sind then for sure same should be applied to KPK and other provinces . Makes sense?

Shutting down 4 major social networking applications will not help in the least bit to overcome the wave of terrorism gripping Pakistan for the last 5 years . The extremists involved in killings of thousands of people are smarter than what is being thought of them .Tech has infinite possibilities .

Bilwal Bhutto Zaradri’s tweet (@BBhuttoZardari )
“Dear Burgers, Sorry abt Skype/Viber/Whtsapp. Excuse us while we catch some terrorists and save some lives. SMS for 3months. Sincerely BBZ”

The content of BBZ’s tweet is a big slap on his own face and youth of Pk on social networking forums are taking the young Zardari to task in their own funny way ! By the way ,that could result in banning of Twitter in Pakistan in the coming future and again some lame excuse will be doled out . That’s expected !

So far there is no formal word from the federal government on banning the aforementioned sites .

I’m against banning sites and suspending cell phone services , said the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan  in his last statement over the issue !