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Bomb after bomb



By Aag Desk

The recent hike in petrol and electricity prices , effective 1st Oct 2013 has jolted most of the Pakistanis . Strikes &  protests against the abrupt raise have begun nationwide. The only argument from the elite class is that if  oil prices have not escalated in other countries then why so in Pakistan? However they will still live in their air conditioned luxury houses and continue driving their bomb proof SUVs as this tariff increase wouldn’t make  much of difference to their lives .Dollar can go up , go down or even go to hell for all they care! Now the other side ,an approx of 75 percent, the average lower and middle class oblivious to the economy business,  confuzzled about the per liter and per unit charges. Ask them and they will tell you that they don’t even care if it is PML, PTI, PPP,MQM or even Obama directly ruling our country. All what they want is relief and they are waiting for the unknown saviour to get them out of muddy waters .Sigh , one fine day !

The price of petrol has been increased by Rs4.12/ litre (Rs 113.25 /litre)& diesel will cost Rs4.69/ litre (Rs 116.95/litre) more. Electricity has hit the rooftop and consumers will get their next bill  40 – 80 percent higher. Those using more than 200 units of electricity will be hit by a ton of bricks but under 200 it will still be a safe passage to survive.

Ad nauseam OGRA and Ministry of Petroleum is blaming the Ministry of Finance for the hike  . There was a mention of IMF  and circular debt in the statements on all prime time shows on television last night .Basically it was nothing but  babbling , blather  and meaningless chatter of the government representatives which obviously made no sense to common people who are bruised to the bone with the callousness of the new government !

In brief, as of yesterday , prices of almost everything in Pakistan have gone up by a minimum of 5 percent  and poor people already crushed under severe inflation  are just trying to make their ends meet !

Will this go on for another 5 years ?

  • Samia

    This is a sad start for PML-N and people of Pakistan

  • Zubair Haleem

    is mein jo bhi khussorwar hai uss ko saza dein ,becharay awam ka kya qusoor hai

  • Sarmad Afzal

    Dear blogger .Kindly exclude PTI’s name from you list . For your kind information PTI is the first party to condemn the hike in prices officially by taking out a rally today in Lahore . This will continue in other cities of Pakistan until the decision of increase in the prices of Electricity and Petroleum goods is taken back by PML-N

  • Farhad

    Another 5 years ?
    This wont go on for another 5 days !

  • Fahim

    After Supreme Court’s intervention they have apparently taken the decision of increase in electricity prices back .Let’s wait and see it that is really true

  • Danish Haleji

    bhai jan lakin Petrol ka kya ho ga ?