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Movie 2k -4k



By Cine-matic

Film buffs all over the globe  would go to any extent to watch their favorite movies. Since steeply priced theatre experience is beyond the reach of majority cine lovers the advent of internet has provided an interesting resource to view the bootlegged and also master prints on hi definition format on personal computers . Most of such content available on the internet is a violation of copy right laws but then it’s legalization in some parts of the hasn’t been of much help either. One movie site closes and 10 other appear within a matter of few days with a larger viewership . Same happened with   

 Movie2K, one of the world’s most popular movie streaming portals, which disappeared without trace on May 31st 2013 afternoon.

For a while the site began redirecting to Google and later failed to respond in any way. Social networking sites came alive  with rumours that the site has been shut down in a raid, but at this stage there was no credible sources for those claims.

It was assumed the its closure resulted following action by the Motion Picture Association, earlier in May 2013 the UK High Court  had ordered local ISPs to block subscriber access to Movie2K.

The censorship effort was looked into with existing Pirate Bay proxy services stepping up to unblock the site.

Later it turned out that Movie2k.to was shut down by the Motion Picture Association Of America  and quickly changed into another movie site Movie4k.to

Rated as a movie directory site Movie4k  was initially created in 2011, but was never used until 2013 its revenue was being generated through banner advertisements . But then again ,it was blocked in some parts of USA and UK via the IPs making IT hackers to create proxy bypass sites .Amended to protect the mushrooming of proxy sites finally Movie4k.to  was altered and boasted of a  comprehensive directory of video websites, mostly on the television and film pages. The aforementioned site also  provides a detailed listing of television programs and films.


Since it’s launch in May 2013 Movie4k.to is rated as the number 202nd site in the world with a major viewership in Germany where it is ranked at number 20 .

Infact according to Alexa Internet stats,  it is the most popular streaming portal with the Germans, leaving Twitter , Apple , iTunes  and Microsoft way behind on the world wide web !

  • Danish

    How is Torrent for the job ?

  • Yousaf Khan

    I like many movie sites .I download movies too with high speed internet . Sad part is that streaming sites do not work properly for any ordinary user who has an average internet download speed .This is only going to get better once Pakistan has the 3G and 4G technology !