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Namkeen Bitter Eid


Namkin Bitter Eid


By Timstoy

This year Eid in Pakistan will be with a difference due to inflation and increase in the cost of literally everything except…* Nothing* actually !

The hike in electricity tariff is the mother of them all. That CNG is not available , petrol is another name for gold  and terrorism is as common as Channay ki daal are all very clichéd things to mention  .In flash backs one can probably see that dollar was mere 60 PKR in the bygone era . There were fewer killings and Drones were unheard of . Bombs only belonged to the army and  were used at the time of war .Mobile phones were gifted and not snatched . Going to an ATM machine never felt like an experience of visiting Waziristan and not every person with a beard raised the suspicion of being a Taliban in your mind .The rangers stayed in their respective ranges .Lyari news and Brooklyn news didn’t sound so similar(content wise) .  Much has changed in Pakistan . Gone are the days when one would only cry over his  stolen  chapplein(foot wear) from outside the mosque after Eid prayers . Now one doesn’t even know if after offering Eid ki Namaz  another Namaz will be offered exclusively for him .

Sorry if all that I have mentioned here is Bitter . The state of Pakistan in its current state is  literally in a* Sorry State* .One will have to sallow the bitter pill and enjoy this Eid al –Adha . Little Namkeen and a whole lot bitter ! This is Sacrifice  and but then isn’t the Greater Eid all about the willingness of Sacrifice ?

  • Hakim

    So true .

  • Ghufran Haroon khan

    I like the Chapplein bit .I have gone through it in my area Mosque .Not on eid though !

  • Samina Jibran

    Funny blog by Timstoy but this projects a very bad image of Pakistan !

  • Faiza H Nabi