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World Mental Health Day 2013



By Doc Talk

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

The day is celebrated at the initiative of the World Federation of Mental Health and WHO supports this initiative through raising awareness on mental health issues using its strong relationships with the Ministries of health and civil society organizations across the world


The theme of World Mental Health Day  2013 is “Mental health and older adults”.


WMHD is celebrated every year to educate people and aware them of how older people with certain mental illnesses can be taken care of . Following points are on the agenda of most of the  organizations associated with the day !


  • Encourage help seeking behavior
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness
  • Foster connectivity throughout communities


Unfortunately Pakistan has a growing number of people with mental disorders. There is a  huge dearth of awareness and medical help . Number of psychologist and psychiatrists as compared to number of patients is unfortunately next to nothing ! The private hospitals dealing with mentally challenged  people are either too expensive or ill equipped . Mostly and ironically such patients are admitted to old homes or community centers built by NGOs .The challenge in such institutions is again the lack of properly trained staff and  medical facilities. Since the patients admitted are never diagnosed properly they end up being inmates of such Homes and Hospitals for the rest of their lives.

The ministry of health should device a program for patients of mental health and ensure it implementation in all government and private hospitals .Help by community services and NGOs can also  prove be beneficial. There is a  strong need to address the issue of Mental health at a large scale and with commitment one can expect results in a short span of time !

  • Saleem Arien

    I feel that civil society should make do voluntary work to assist such patients

  • Hakim

    Hello . The increase in the number of people suffering from psychiatric diseases is crossing the red mark alarm . Only in USA every 3rd person visits a psychiatrist. Pakistan has a growing number of patients who are bi polarity , schizophrenia , drug abuse or associated with some other mental disorders . There should be institutes in every town to treat such patients .