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Happiness In Small Packages



By Areej Fatima Naqvi

I remember it almost as if it happened yesterday, I was shopping with my mother for Eid clothes, walking towards the car after leaving a shop at Zamzama I came across a child not more than 7 years old, he was selling flowers, roses to be quite exact, running here and there trying  to convince people to buy his worn out roses. Until suddenly he noticed me coming out of the shop, he rushed over to avail this opportunity, he said in his sweet melodious voice, ‘Baaji, le lein, please don’t break my heart’, the next thing I know I’m laughing out loud at this child’s innocence, I bought a flower from him and gave him a smile, the look of happiness on that tired, tiny face made my day. I don’t think I have felt quite as satisfied as I did at that moment.

In this fast pacing world we most of the times forget to pause and appreciate, appreciate the beauty of the world around us, the beauty of relationships, the beauty of life itself. Every minute, every person competes to become the best; we are in a constant competition with the world and there as we forget to just ‘live’. We forget how blessed we are and that not everyone is as lucky, we do not value a good thing until it has been taken away from us forever.

Speaking for my own self, with the period of time I’ve seen my being fading away, without anything to hold onto, that was when I looked back and realized that it’s not the world that is diminishing, I myself have lost that essence which was in life itself,  I looked ahead at my future only to see a blank space. Studying will probably get me somewhere in life, a good position in a good company one day but that doesn’t fill my being with happiness any more than it ever did. That small part of me which was constantly questioning the true meaning of happiness has finally gotten an answer.

My father always told me, ‘Areej, it’s the small things in life that count, those tiny moments of happiness’. I think I finally understood what it meant, all this time I have been trying to fill this void with the worldly things which at the end of the day, mean nothing.
Happiness lies in everyday events in life, from buying a rose from a poor child, to helping an old person cross the road, to cancelling on your friends for your family, to giving away your favorite childhood sweater, to your younger sister, to eating unhygienic street food just because it tastes heavenly. You don’t need to search for happiness because it comes to your doorstep every single moment of every single day begging to come in and until you have oxygen in your body and a roof over your head you are happy.

  • Saleem Arien

    Happiness ? It is a bygone word !

  • Hadiya

    Great blog .
    Today is international day for tolerance.
    If people would learn how to tolerate …they will all be happy :) :) :)

  • Ghufran Shazad

    This should be taught to kids in the formative years of life . If they can learn how to drive joy out of little things in life then rest assured they will not turn materialistic in later life and have lesser stress levels as compared to the vast majority who thinks that Money means happiness !

  • Black Hawk

    All agreed that it is beautifully written blog . Now some relevant questions .
    1- How can one be happy in a country plagued by terrorism ?
    2-Where there is no electricity , gas , cng and inflation , how does one enjoy little things?
    3- who is going to buy a rose from a poor kid when the pocket is empty and buying milk for one’s own kid is essential ?