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Women Can’t Drive !


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By Timstoy

Breaking news a few days ago ,’20 Saudi women arrested for driving’ . Next , a Kuwaiti woman arrested for driving her ailing  father to the hospital . She is held in custody of police and pending an investigation for the alleged offence in not-at-all-liberal Kingdom !

More dope, the Saudi women  are not allowed to open a bank account , travel abroad or work in offices until permitted to do so by a male relative .

It is the end of 2013 for the modern world but for women of the Arab kingdom it is like living in the stone age or maybe worse!    Really sad  and very excruciating for the womenfolk ! My sympathies .

Rules and regulations  for women in KSA maybe be another story  but Saudi men enjoy all sorts of freedom in their homeland and in other places too .In the same country where women are not allowed to drive, the Saudi men drive like mad and  their favourite pastime happens to be car racing! Please check on You Tube how Arabs knock out  and wreck their souped up SUVs worth millions within seconds just for fun & frolic . And this just doesn’t’ happen in KSA alone.   I have seen many Saudi men chasing  Russian skirts and drinking like demons in Dubai . As a matter of fact I personally know of Arab men who have bought apartments and  customised Ferrari cars  in the universal cosmopolitan and their lives revolve around women and wine every single night ! I’m sure I will not be made to walk the plank for writing that  a lot of Saudi men are seriously into night-life and lavish lifestyles but when it comes to their women they want to see them wrapped and hidden under 9 yards . Don’t be surprised to read that a woman in KSA cannot even go out of the door to dispose garbage without wearing an Abaya ,Hijab ,veil or Niqab .

Gender discrimination , inequality  injustice, call it whatever ,plight of Saudi women doesn’t change. King Abdullah of late has made some cautious reforms to empower women and  give them a greater public voice, but  sadly has faced serious opposition  from senior clergy.Nothing at all seems to be getting better for the Saudi women and unfortunately if not all then most live  deprived lives as compared to women in other countries .



  • Amir Shah

    It is really sad to read this but Arabs have their their own laws and life styles .

  • Jibran

    Wow . So why are Arab men so cruel to their own women ? That they do aiyashi themselves is a well known fact .

  • Hashmi T

    awww…Suadia ki baatein choro …kya kabhi Hyderabad mein bhi kisi aurat ko car chalatay dekha hai ? Jo wahan woh yahan hai … Khairpur , Mipurkhas , larkana …wahan tu aurat nazar bhi ajaye tu bahut badi baat hai

  • Daniyal

    I agree with the blogger . Women in KSA are living in a pristine world whereas males have freedom to do what they like within their cultural and social boundaries !
    This should change now and women of KSA should get equal rights just like females all over the world enjoy !