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Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the beholder




By Warisha Najam

When I came across this question ‘What does real beauty mean to you’ I tried thinking what came to my mind first – my mom? My 2 year old nephew? Aishwarya? Anjelina Jolie? No these pictures didn’t flash in my mind. What I imagined was far simpler and not a common picture of a beautiful fairy like girl with a fair flawless complexion in a light pink long dress. Beauty is a complex thing today turning into a huge ever growing industry where the corporate honchos run in the rat race to make a better face cream/night cream/wrinkle cream/ spot reduction cream and don’t know what all cream! But is the pursuit of beauty completely dependent on a cream/oil/soap etc? I DON’T think so.

Real beauty is the indication of something magnificent, something that draws you towards itself so that you can appreciate it. It is something which is pure to the core and powerful enough to make you be pleased about. For me the real beauty cannot be trapped inside a tub of cream or a bottle of shampoo. Real beauty is the aura which emits from something/someone through sheer happiness.

Let me not list the various beauties which He has scattered all across for us to appreciate. I am sure I’ll fall short with the names. The pristine beauty of Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, and the magical blue oceans often make us feel fresh and rejuvenated just by their sight. These lifeless and selfless mountains and oceans do not hide behind any artificial layer of makeup, creams or massive amount of makeovers but still they have captivated us for centuries drawing many towards them.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – MK Gandhi

Beauty lies in the little smile on the face when the first morning sunshine falls on you. A soft sunshine that makes you feel bright and lively, the little smile on your face which is not for anyone else but only for you, for the fresh new day.

The joy that emits from your face when you achieve your dream, your goals in life, opens up the real beauty in you. The little thank you that you tell yourself, the gratitude that you show others only tells about your beautiful heart – the real you.

Being in love perhaps is an eternal feeling. It is the feeling which makes you forget everything else and put you in a different world of romance, happiness, comfort and stability. The happiness on your face when with your love makes you beautiful. The twinkle in your eyes, the natural blush on your cheeks is enough to let your love know how beautiful you are.

Very rightly some has said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”, your real beauty is not confined to beauty products, or makeup, it’s you, your warm heart that makes you beautiful.

When I was trying the think what is that thing which is really beautiful, the real beauty, as I wrote above, a simple picture came in mind. And I’ll list it as the most beautiful thing is the world – a mother holding her new born for the first time. The pure feeling of love, a sacred relation that she feels towards her newborn, is perhaps something which no one else can feel. The beauty of this warm relation that starts from the time she had conceived and when she can finally give a name perhaps is the ultimate joy for her.

It is these little natural things that He has blessed us with and has hidden our real beauty within ourselves. We don’t need something artificial to bring it out. It’s the warmth in our tender heart that hides our real beauty, one only needs to be seen and appreciated when that bright light is released!

  • Ghufran Shahzad

    The Real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder . This proverb has come alive again !

  • Ghuriya

    Aik ma hona aik bahut khoosourat ahsas hai lakin beuty ki koi bhi defination hoti hai mere khayal mein .Kisis ko kya acha lagta hai aur kisi ko kya ?

  • Zaman Hameed Khair

    Ghandi Gi said the right thing . God is most beautiful out of all for he created all the beautiful things in this world

  • Hadiya

    “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart” Agreed

  • Zafar Samdani

    I married the most beautiful person in my life . My wife Aroosa is the best !
    Happy new year 2014 !

  • Jibran

    I only wish here after reading this beautiful blog that people take a leaf from its essence and apply it to the seasons of life all year round .

  • Hameed

    kya hai khoobsorat ?It’s relative

  • buttsaab

    Beauty is my butt. Feel it’s essence…