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Of sins & spins

Of sins and spins

Of sins and spins

By Timstoy

Be it Batting or Betting , cricketer Mohd Asif has always been Fixated . Drunken  brawler , fiery romancer and a total “Spin Off” in the cricket ground (that has barred him from the field for 5 years) are some of his most famous keywords for Google searches .


So is there anything good at all that M Asif should be known for ? Tough one , isn’t’ it ? While you jog your memory over his Sins & Spins let’s dole out his latest Strike . Stop Press “ M Asif will be acting in romantic comedy movie ,titled India Mein Lahore , a Pak-India co production “

It is a good thing to know  that M Asif is taking up acting ,he has nothing to Win anyway !Our beloved FILUM Industry as it is in a dismal state & Comedy films are the need of the hour ( and so are the comedians).  M Asif’s induction in the industry will for sure add more  Laughter  & Limp to the Lame ….Predictable !


Looking at M Asif past track and his face , it is safe to say that he will  make one hell of a comedian ! That his entire career in romancing Veena Malik  has been a comedy of errors , goes without a saying ! Now he can add another feather of being a comedian to his cap .What’s even more exciting is the fact that M Asif has openly declared that he will not sign any movie with Veena Malick while standing at an arms length ,his wife told the press “ Mujhe koi objection nahi hai  mere Shohar ji  agar Veena ji ke saath FILUM kerein

Wow to that ! Guess it all runs in the family .


Many congrats M Asif . Hope you make a great FILUM star one day . You have just gone the direction you needed to go  a long time ago . Better late than never bud .


With love




  • Hadiya

    lol .That’s really funny

  • Saleem Arian

    Only wish that our entire cricket could go into FILUM line . None of them is good enough for playing cricket

  • Ghufran shazad

    wow really . He is going to sopt fix his movies for sure lol

  • Haroon Rashid

    This is very hard hitting . Agreed that Asif has been in and out of cricket but to put him down like this ?

  • Sher Ali

    Laughter and limp to the lame .LOL

  • Haider

    This one is harsh Timstoy . He is out of cricket for five years .Give him a chance to prove himself in the film line .

  • Salma Hayat

    Salam . Jaisa kay M Asif nay pakistan kay saath kia hai uss kay baad tu uss pay pk mein koi bhi kaam kanay pe mukamal pabandi laga dayni chaye hai ….

  • Ghurya

    Who is he ?