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By Aisha Waris

I am just a normal girl who has dreams and who wishes to achieves those dreams and does everything to make those dreams come true. But sometimes life takes an awkward twist…. Oh sod it !! lets not blame life and I am done with my *lets have a decent opening for my article* ..
So, I have always wanted to become a chef and go to this amazing French culinary arts college *le cordon bleu institute of culinary arts* london campus. I got my admission, my fees  was paid, everything was good, I was happy and couldn’t stop thinking of working with Gordon Ramsay one day and day dreaming about my life as a chef and how cool everything will be. *OMG I WILL BE A LE CORDON BLEU GRADUATE* was the only statement that I loved saying to myself a million times in a day.
No story has a happy ending without a villain and suspense and the drama and the hooplah, the tears and tantrums and a BLUNDER !
After my admission , my beloved college issued me a CAS letter so I can apply for the visa. I got all my documents ready , got an appointment from the famous UK visa services office and it was a smooth sailing. Let me tell you I was so excited I got an appointment for the VIP services because *I am going to le cordon bleu bhayeeeee*. Went there, submitted my application, asked the dude a million times if everything was in order and eagerly asked *mujhe visa miljaayega na?*  I am being honest I did asked that, I was paying them fees which was a complete rip off). I still remember how I was being a show off and smiling at everyone and acting like *oh I know I will get the visa* .
After a few days I was sent an sms (courtesy VIP service) that I can come collect my passport. It was like a day of judgement for me. Again giving everyone smiles and sympathetic smiles in the case of poor lads who didn’t got an entrance in heaven, I waited for my *kismet* to show me my new wonderful life and here you go , my visa application got REJECTED! Ever seen a rainbow??? My face turned all the colours of rainbow that moment. I was doomed.
But , but, but….
Here comes the interesting part, why my application was rejected? Thanks to the big guns in Islamabad who process our visa applications , they made an eye opening blunder. To apply for a visa one has to show bank statements in order to make them believe us that we can bear the living costs.
The reason I was given for my rejection was that I don’t have enough balance and they had very efficiently done some calculations to give me a shut-up call. As I had submitted a foreign currency account statement, they took that figure as a PKR balance and rejected my application. All bank statements have *account type* stated above which of-course they didn’t see or probably they forgot to take off their blind folds. If the same mistake was done by the Pakistani embassy , they would have laughed at us, pointed their fingers at us, labelled us *the third world weirdos*.
I was forced to send them my letter to review my application to which they never bothered to reply and just sent me a mail which in real was that I should *wait for a reply* which actually meant that I should just go and jump in the ocean or bang my head in the wall but we wont be replying to your mail as we are so ashamed of ourselves but want to maintain our dignity and pride.
Because of them my time was wasted, and my college wont give me my refund because for the refund *my review has to be rejected*. Since I was not getting a reply from people who turned a deaf ear I was forced to cancel it. To my surprise, when I mailed them regarding cancellation, they replied promptly that its cancelled now. Feel the difference?
So I applied again. This time went for the regular service,  submitted documents making sure I use the highlighter on my bank statements (in case they give it a look ) and then waited impatiently for the sms(500 PKR) for the visa tracking sms and it’s a total of 3 sms, quite a business , eh?) Day of judgement: visa refused again , blindfolds still covering their eyes and very confidently informing me that its been refused because of the same reason.
My beloved college was sympathetic enough to issue me my full refund because I believe, secretly they were even shocked with the blunder the clearance officer made.
That day I promised myself I am never going to apply for a wilaayat ka visa. And we say *hamare mulk main kaam sahi nae hota*. If this is the way they process our applications then I must say our people still do their work and will never make this unacceptable stupid blunder these people made.
From that day onwards I have started valuing our people and my country. Its way better than wilaayat and kate middleton, who????
Only if we had le cordon bleu institute of culinary arts here….just saying !!!
Proud to be a DESI ! OH YEAH !!

  • Jibran

    Pls don’t even begin . The kind of problems i have faced trying to get my British Visa . I have given up on my career .

    • Aayeescha Waris

      yep…applied twice…third time might be lucky for some people but for me it wont ever be

  • Sarmad Hanifullah

    UK visa service ? What is that ? A service by the UK embassy or some private firm ?

  • Saleem Arien

    You should apply again and this time with a bank statement of a PKR with transactions of atleast six months . If you foreign currency was that became the problem then fix it according to what visa acquiring method entails . Follow your dream and reapply

    • Aayeescha Waris

      No that definitely wasnt the problem…because they were fine with foreign currency…but they forgot to open their eyes… :)

  • Danish Jalbani

    I agree with Saleem arien. You should not let this go like that and try again with a PKR account this time. Try and try till success… If you have strived so far, you can get there inshaaAllah and live your dream

  • Frieda

    Hi .am sorryxx for wt hapnd to ya .Mayb u shud try again

  • Haroon Shah

    Aisha you are lucky that you got the rejection notification . I still cant track my passport and it has been over 8 weeks now

    • Aayeescha Waris

      You should have opt for the rip off sms service then like me… :p

  • Yasir Hameed

    It is sad but it is true that Pakistani passport holders are mistreated all over the world . Leave alone visa ,you probably will never be assisted correctly for filling out the application form .There should be an authority to look into the visa application process .They should have helping staff to facilitate the the applicants going though filling out weird fields in the application form . One is bound to make mistakes because it is so complex . But never give up . Apply and try again .

    • Aayeescha Waris

      Apply again??? no man..i am done… the visa fees itself will make me go bankrupt… will try again for the same college but a different campus…so not wilayat again !

  • haris

    dear miss!!!
    there are now many culinary institute running in Pakistan. you can surely join any one of them :) once my dream was exactly the same to be a chef n to hold a degree from “wilaaaayaaat” but i stepped back cause if we go there we have to taste, serve, and handle all the “haraaam” things and we don’t have the option to refuse.
    Well its your personal choice but do try countries like Malaysia or any other islamic country. belive me they wont be making any trouble!~
    Thanx :)