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Youth Business Loan Scheme




By Informer

They say a lot is changing for the youth of Pakistan at the end of this year . The Prime Minister’s Youth  Business Loan Scheme which will ensure monetary help to the deserving  youngsters to set up their own businesses is one of the many things being promised .Loans with negligible amounts of interest rate? Sounds like a brilliant idea for the 60 percent of young crop of Pakistan. However what remains to be seen if the Disbursement of the funds is transparent and only the needy benefit from the scheme.


To provide loans The National Bank of Pakistan and the First Women’s Bank have been strictly directed to ensure complete transparency and merit. Nawaz who believes that youth of Pakistan can shape the country for a better tomorrow declared  in a conference that Rs. 100 billion has been allocated for this program during the current financial year and in the first phase one hundred thousand unemployed youth would be given loans through ballot. To empower women  50 percent of the loans are allocated to female youth .

While the whole YBL scheme is underway ,one is not sure of it’s easy access, terms & conditions for the rural youth .There is a need for an awareness program for award of loan and its modus operandi for one and all .That would perhaps require a massive advertising campaign in every nook and cranny of Pakistan . Dissemination of information not only via print ,internet & electronic media but also by government team visits to small towns and villages .

Equality is always the key to success ! If the Loan scheme is devised for supporting the Youth of Pakistan then it should  be made available to  every single deserving youngster of the country !


  • Haroon

    Chalo koi tu aik acha kaam kia iss government nay

  • Ghufran Zia

    This is not a fair and easy access loan system . It requires Guarantors and collateral .

  • Hamid Hussain

    It is going to give way to nothing but more corruption in Pakistan

  • Jibran R

    Government should do something about You Tube

  • Batool Ul Sana

    With due respect to all ,i cannot understand why you people are so negative . This is the first positive step that Nawaz Government has taken for the Youth and here you have started to criticise that . Also when Geo tv finally brought Pakistan Idol to screen , social media is full of negative comments about the show . This show is also intended for the Youth and our dear youth is the one tearing it apart . Can i ask you why ?