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Say Hello to Winters!




By Warisha Najam

Coffee, peanuts, mittens, mufflers, socks, coats… yes, winters are finally here! This season is much awaited by me. It just develops a feeling of excitement and comfort in me. Yesterday I was lucky enough to experience a beautiful wintry bundle.

I woke up to a grey sky, cozy blanket, static hair and goose bumps. There was a warm cup of coffee and a freshly baked cup cake waiting for me on the dining table which I enjoyed while watching TV wrapped in a hoodie on my cozy couch. Then I decided to visit my best friend Irma, which meant dressing up which is my favorite part in winters. I love matching my muffler with my socks and my shoes with my cap. I love how I don’t need to wear makeup because winters make me look pink naturally.

At Irma’s place I was delighted to have a bowl of cashews and peanuts and a cup of tea. We sat outside in the sunshine on the grass in her lawn. The feel of warm sunshine and the company of a great friend is one of the best things one can experience in winters.

I returned home during sunset. It was soothing to watch the sun go down below the horizon. The sky was a blend of grey, orange and yellow. A chill hit the back of my neck as I stepped out of my car to go into my house. I could smell bar-be-que from the next door. So I decided to have self-cooked bar-be-que for dinner last night.

And so an amazing winter day ended up with a stuffed stomach, a warm blanket, another cup of coffee and a bunch of memories to cherish.

  • Faiqa

    It really is very cold here in Islamabad

  • Ibrahim Majeed

    The winter season In Pakistan for most of the country excluding the Northern parts is a rare treat and should be enjoyed as a festive season