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Stereotyping in Pakistani Dramas




By Sara Rizvi

Most of the tv dramas and serials i have seen lately, objectify women as weak and helpless. Not only are women continuously illustrated as sacrificing machines who bear all the abuse, blame and humiliation because that is expected of a ‘good’ Pakistani woman brilliantly delivered through the drama “Humsafar“ but these dramas enforce how significant religion is in determining a woman’s integrity, as portrayed in the drama “Umme Kulsoom”.

It’s interesting to notice the hypocrisy in these dramas as they conveniently evade putting men through the religious lens, not even showing them practice religion, whereas a woman with her head covered or head bowed on the prayer mat makes up for an ideal poster for the promotion of these dramas. Furthermore, presenting working women as the cause of marriage failures and poor mothers is another latest trend in many Pakistani dramas, for instance, “Durr-e-shahwar”. The extremely conceited and negative character of Fareeda an NGO worker, in “Humsafar” is another example of the horrible picture that propagates the negative concoctions associated with female NGO workers in our society. These dramas may or may not directly blame working women but their representations, coated with much emotion and bias, enforce stereotypes that we need to move away from.



  • Hadiya

    That’s sad to see the plight of women of Pakistan

  • Salman Harris

    I beg to differ . Dramas contain what the society has . It is never on intent that certain best selling dramas were made to put the women down . Real picture in dramas comes from whatever the society is composed of . Now you can blame the society for that, if you like to !

  • Ghurya

    Wasn’t Humsafar a real life story ?

  • Ghufran Shahzad

    Humsafar was a good serial

  • Hameed Zaman

    There is no truth in the Dramas you watch on tv . Hence the word Drama.
    It is entertainment and should be watched from the point of view of entertainment only

  • Sobia

    But there is no choice also then to show women with characters other than that ?

  • Khalid Hussain

    Hello – i beg to differ from the blogger . What you see on tv in form of serials , soaps and dramas are mostly part of fiction and even if it is reality then most part is adapted to suit the viewers mood and tuned into fiction to tell a perfect story .It is just about women -it is also about men who appear all feudal ,rich and wayward .