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When will it all end ?




By Blank

My heart really goes out to the families of innocent Anti Polio workers who were shot dead in Qauyymabad Karachi few hours ago . The miscreants came out of nowhere on speedy motorcycles and gunned down two women and one man who were administering Polio drops to the infants in  the aforementioned locality .Two polio workers were absconding from the site till the last news came in . Maybe they went into hiding to rescue their lives ,nobody seems to know their whereabouts but for the Evil the job was Done. The Anti Polio campaign has been stopped indefinitely in order to prevent further loss of human lives !

I know no one in the world can answer my questions here . What good was achieved by gunning down workers in the field who were busy helping little angels to live  better lives ? Who will support the families of those who lost their own lives today ? How will we become a Human Nation ?

When will it all end ?

  • Ghufran Shazad

    It is worsening all over Pakistan . Iam extremely sorry to hear about the sad incidence

  • Sadya Haroon

    Talibans in their statement had clearly mentioned that they will attack the Anti Polio Workers all over Pakistan . What preventive measure has the Government taken to save lives of Polio workers in the filed in karachi or any other part of the country ?

  • Hameed

    RIP to the country !

  • Farhan Iqbal Sheikh

    Abhi karachi Police ki ibtadia tahqiqaat chal rahi hain . In ki herr mamamal mein commitee , inquiry aur politicians ki shadeed alafaz mein mazmat hoti hai ..buss ye hee hota hai … aur kuch nahi

  • Dr Jamauluddin

    Blank Dear , no one can answer you questions , for sure . When the government previous & current both failed to find the assassins of BiBI Shaheed , you think there is any hope for anyone else there ?