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  By Aisha Waris I am just a normal girl who has dreams and who wishes to achieves those dreams and does everything to make those dreams come true. But sometimes life takes an awkward twist…. Oh sod it !! lets not blame life and I am done with my *lets have a decent opening for my article* .. So, I […]

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Youth Business Loan Scheme

  By Informer They say a lot is changing for the youth of Pakistan at the end of this year . The Prime Minister’s Youth  Business Loan Scheme which will ensure monetary help to the deserving  youngsters to set up their own businesses is one of the many things being promised .Loans with negligible amounts of interest rate? Sounds like […]

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Of sins & spins

By Timstoy Be it Batting or Betting , cricketer Mohd Asif has always been Fixated . Drunken  brawler , fiery romancer and a total “Spin Off” in the cricket ground (that has barred him from the field for 5 years) are some of his most famous keywords for Google searches .   So is there anything good at all that […]

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Impact Of Social Media

  By Umer Ali Khan It is hard to know sometimes how our life has improved until we halt for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. In recent ages social media, likely more than anything else, has significantly squeezed most of our daily lives. Imagining the global conversation that has […]

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Happiness In Small Packages

  By Areej Fatima Naqvi I remember it almost as if it happened yesterday, I was shopping with my mother for Eid clothes, walking towards the car after leaving a shop at Zamzama I came across a child not more than 7 years old, he was selling flowers, roses to be quite exact, running here and there trying  to convince […]

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  By Hina Hussain Today marks the birth anniversary of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century Allama Muhammad Iqbal. In the history, few writers and poets have managed to ignite a flame strong enough to energize a whole nation which Iqbal did through his provoking poetry. His writings were not confined alone to spiritual space but offered […]

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Women Can’t Drive !

  By Timstoy Breaking news a few days ago ,’20 Saudi women arrested for driving’ . Next , a Kuwaiti woman arrested for driving her ailing  father to the hospital . She is held in custody of police and pending an investigation for the alleged offence in not-at-all-liberal Kingdom ! More dope, the Saudi women  are not allowed to open […]

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Jang &Geo group’s response to allegations


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Spread Positivity !

   By Aag Desk Facebook began adding warning messages Tuesday to gruesome videos of beheadings after a shift in policy prompted an outcry.   According to screen shots on media sites including the BBC and Guardian, the social media giant was adding warnings saying such videos contained “extremely graphic content” and “may be upsetting.”   Facebook did not respond to […]

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Art For Freedom

  By Wahab Khan Known for her unfettered velocity to evolve the artist formerly known as Madonna ( current name MDNA) has got loads going for her and for the Material World we live in . This time it is called Secret Project Revolution , a 17 minute long film that serves as a call to action for her project […]

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