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Color Of 2013- Green

  By Sara Rizvi Each year introduces a new color in fashion industry and that color becomes the fall Trent. If you are fad up of other colors than add green in your wardrobe. Green is cool color .It has many splendid shades and contrasts. Green is the color of freshness, coolness and the sea breeze. Green is everywhere, green […]

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Braids and buttons.

By Asma Whether it’s a seasonal dress or wedding dress women’s desires that her clothes should be always in style and envogue.Different strokes for different folks but my suggestion is , in case women really want  to make their clothes more attractive then  there is a lot of variety  of ready to go embellishments available of stylish braids, buttons and […]

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Are People no Better than Boxes?

By Irma Ikram I went to Dolmen City one fine Friday afternoon for lunch, and it was to my great misfortune that I saw people who resembled boxes; everywhere I looked all I saw was hundreds and hundreds of boxes in the form of humans. Now a box in its quite literal term refers to a four wall container with […]

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By Faiza Hai What women love most are their branded cosmetics products and it’s almost impossible for them to throw away their favorite color lip-gloss and they keep continue using it for years and years without realizing that like many other products their cosmetics also have an expiry date. All cosmetics have a shelf life and they need to be […]

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I like seeing woman in high heels

By Faiza Hai Shoes of every make and style are loved by women across the globe but it is the heel, which increase the style whether stiletto or platform that is coveted, adored, desired in such abundance simply in and of the shoe itself. They’re everywhere. They run rampant in books, calendars, photographs, album and movie covers, dangling in miniature […]

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Language of colors in branding

 By Faiza Hai Color affects us in many ways not only physiologically and psychologically but also consciously and subconsciously. Color is used to shape and define our lives, our habits, our values and our feelings. The colors we choose to wear and to decorate our homes gives others personal insight into our emotions and how we wish to project ourselves […]

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Emerald Green for 2013

Pantone has announced their  final colour trends for the upcoming year .The forecast is full of greens and blues,  bright red, yellow and green with a tinge of aqua. And so many hues,the final color decided for 2013 by Pantone is Emerald Green! “Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any […]

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Can hair style change your personality?

By Aisha Asif To get a proper styling and in order to look fashionable one needs to be very particular about all the aspects of his or her look. The outfit, makeup, accessories and of course the hair style are the basic factors that complete the whole look of an individual. Many a times it is seen that people are […]

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Are you A Brand-Conscious Person?

By Aisha Asif When shopping or buying things, are you after the brand name or the quality of the things? People who only buy things made by  famous label and are much expensive are often called brand conscious and those people who buy things because of their high quality are usually called quality conscious. What about those people who are […]

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Modelling Ka *SHOCK*

By Ali Tim I found this rather amusing advertisement on face Book today. The advertiser is some known figure of the show business . The response to his update by an ageing struggler is also displayed here. Smile WOW 2 IN 1 PRICE  ….and response by an ageing Wannabe !  

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