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Hate Pakistani Musicians

  By Suniya James Pakistani I live in New Jersy USAwith my two children. I come from a religious background yet into heavy Rock n rock. I divorced my husband while he was in jail for selling drugs.When he was with me …we used to do drugs together. Now to the point.What is all this hula bula about Pk musicians […]

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Smartphones update

By HB TechGuru  Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and whilst it is usually the high-end variety that gets the most column inches from people like me, it’s the entry level stuff that is falling into the hands of more and more customers. Market research firm Deloitte is estimating that 2012 will see the number of smartphones costing less […]

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Maya Khan’s Idiocy

By Emm Aay No sugar coated words to describe a perfect beginning for a blog .. I am simply spilling my venom against Maya Khan and her team …… Wot right does she have to go and film people when they dun wanna be on TV …. wot damn right …. I would’ve punched her face or broken her nose […]

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By Farisa Afzal While watching the PTI’s exploding jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on television I happened to asked my sister-in-law (Who was getting really impressed by the crowd and supporters of Imran khan) I said. Will you vote for Imran Khan in the next general elections,she looked at me and replied “Depends” I asked depends on what? she said it does […]

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How can it be?

    HOW CAN IT BE When life is real And living beings are fake When water is flowing and Dry is the lake HOW CAN IT BE  When False faltered Egos The moments are fake The rhythm is stagnant music is stale HOW CAN IT BE When tears have no salt The smiles are mere smirks The laughter boils […]

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A story by Maxwell Dias

  By Maxwell Dias I was born on March 12, 1954 in Chittagong, Bangladesh (at that time it was East Pakistan).  My parents relocated to Karachi in 1960 when I was just four.  My initial education was in St. Philomena’s school which is now Christ the King school.  Thereafter I went to St. Paul’s school and in the year 1966 […]

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The Valentine Dilemma

   By SamiaBR How can it be a great Valentine? We just came about the news of hundreds of people dying due to expired medicines in public hospitals. However, the whole nation is howling over the ban on music concerts inPunjabcolleges. Nonetheless, this ban another setback for the youth. Where there’s a dearth of recreational activities and resorts in our country, musical […]

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Ra.One Is A Class Apart

Gone are the days when the Indian movies were judged by the quality of sets, lavish song sequences and powerful dialogues. The arrival of Ra.One has changed the dynamics of Bollywood by introducing the viewers to science fiction, like never before. Directed by Anubhav Sinha, Ra.One is titanic compared to all the recent Bollywood releases, especially the story-less Body Guard, […]

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