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Aag Leaks – October 2012

Sattar Bhai  and Shakeel are pulling off RED HOONT jokes of the latest variety with Sajjad Haider(Red Team) on Aag Tv floor .Expressing  an outward glee only, Sajjad for sure doesn’t fancy it internally. Hypocrite Hot! Raees and Raheel ( Producers) are together forever. Seen together forever, to be more precise. It is just that they have managed to keep […]

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Post-Eid ed… Aag Leaks

By Aag Leaks 1. Syed Bilal ( Senior Creative manager ) is DONE .He is on his last legs . He is TAKEN ! Bliss and bells next month . Dependence begins after the month of Independence . September is confirmed ! Clapping .   2. Abid Iqbal aka Sweetie has bid his adieus .Finally , full and final. His […]

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Addi ki Shaadi.. Aag Leaks

  Leak#1 After finding out that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards mixed up his cremated father’s ashes with cocaine and snorted them, producer Asad Pathan at Aag  is disliking the Rolling Stones T shirt he is wearing today. GUTKA in any case works better. Right Pathan?   Leak#2 Addi (3D artist Red Team) has finally decided to kill the woman […]

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Toilet Roll …Aag Leaks

Leak#1 Sohail Siddiqui Head of Software Dept doesn’t have a PC or a Lap top on his table??? He doesn’t need to have one …after all he is the Head!That some of his staff doesn’t have an internet connection is an altogether different story ! Leak#2 Addi (Graphics Red Team) needs a Bed instead of a chair for work. For […]

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Bhai Edition – Aag Leaks

Leak 01 Sind Jo Mega Man and a very skilled web designer Arif Qureshi is very secretly studying how to develop  mobile  web versions and applications .He has a mega mind ( besides his mega body) and mega plans for the future.Good thing  Sind Jo Mega man .Leaks hopes and prays that you get the title of World Jo Megaman. […]

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Aag Leaks *Red Zone

 Leak No 1 WORD WAR 2 .Tahir Marvi and Sajjad Haider ( Red Team) with Fadi as a referee(read Kutni) in between @ 2:30 pm Leak No 2  Sajjad Haider (Red Team ) expressing himself in WORDS that cannot be published here. Sorry about that .. Leak No 3  Kumail Sharif (Red Team ) sparks off the feud by laughing […]

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Funny Leaks From Aag Tv – Part 02

  Listen to songs of freedom by the only All ph.D band in PK here www.aag.tv/laal Legendary Musicians of Karachi LMK 1940-to Date clips are now on videos.aag.tv. Watch and feel like a legend !  Bob Dylan is the most sought after and revolutionary song writer in the world. Punjaagi Loot Sale – New Punjaagis online right now .Only and […]

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Funny Leaks From Aag Tv – Part 01

Each week, users share more than 2 billion pieces of Youtube content on Facebook. Mr. Asif Ishaq (HR Manager) broke a glass today. Poor glass. An appraisal is expected by the employees of AAG till the end of year 3012. Very early.    Eating Samosa’s is forbidden on AAG floor whereas biscuits are allowed. (Management)    Viz Artist of Red […]

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