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True love never dies !

Harold and Ruth Knapke died in their shared room on Aug. 11, days before their 66th anniversary, The Dayton Daily News reported.True love , they say never dies !   He was 91, she was 89. Their daughters said they believe their father willed himself to stay by his wife’s side despite failing health until they could take the next […]

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Valentine day forever!

By Umer Ali Khan February 14th, the day of red hearts and cupids. This day offers a wonderful chance to express or endorse their love.  I never understood why we only set aside one day per year to focus on one of the most important things in the world “LOVE” Seems to me everyday should be the day for expressing […]

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Valentine’s Day can be “Haraam”, but “Love” is not..!!

By Sonya Anjum Saba I will not write about the same old stuff that u love your mother, father, sister, brother etc too so why Valentines Day is only for a lover. Now that ideology simply shows our lack of differentiating between the love we have for our blood relations/ friends and spouse. Religion for sure provides us with guidelines […]

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I got this

By Mehru K  He blinked his eyes in nervousness. At this point, he was unsure of almost everything. His breathe was racy and heart was secretly somersaulting. He freely allowed his jitteriness to take control of his body. Thus, the shaky hands. Even the receptionist nearby could tell what a wreck he was, at that particular moment, of-course. He knew […]

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Ishq E Majnoon

The grapevine is abuzz with  rumours that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Hina Rabbani Kher are in love , were in love and will be in love. Hina ,  mother of two girls and Bilawal  yet the young one are romantically involved .” All is in the knowledge” of Zaradari Sb who is apparently rather upset at this strange connection brewing […]

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Love is there!

By AT   Love is there- Its for you to go out and find it. Like it – leave it – believe it. It can happen. It can because it is there. So where does one find it ? Inside. That’s where.    

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We are jailed!

I happened to go to Zamzama Street Karachi on the 13th of Feb to shop for some formal dresses for a friends wedding the very next day. Oblivious (at that moment) of the fact that it was 14th Feb, the infamous love day, I started wandering through various retail shops one by one. I knew there was something weird or […]

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Mathira’s 5 to-do(not) things on Valentines Day!

By Mathira 5 things u should not do on valentines day (for boys ) : Don’t ask the girl of wat she wants. A gift is supposed to be a secret . Never ever try to go for lunch on valentines day n I think u should arrange a dinner. A date should be after 6pm.  Try to be causal […]

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The Valentine Dilemma

   By SamiaBR How can it be a great Valentine? We just came about the news of hundreds of people dying due to expired medicines in public hospitals. However, the whole nation is howling over the ban on music concerts inPunjabcolleges. Nonetheless, this ban another setback for the youth. Where there’s a dearth of recreational activities and resorts in our country, musical […]

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