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Shoaib Akhter makes his singing debut

  By Black Hawk Just not another ex-cricketer who could  really ball ,bat and look good . Few know of Shoaib Akhtar’s hidden talents. Of late the silver screen grapevine was abuzz with the rumours that Rawalpindi Express has signed on some mega BollyWood projects but one never heard a beep out of them .Mr Casanova could have played a […]

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Of sins & spins

By Timstoy Be it Batting or Betting , cricketer Mohd Asif has always been Fixated . Drunken  brawler , fiery romancer and a total “Spin Off” in the cricket ground (that has barred him from the field for 5 years) are some of his most famous keywords for Google searches .   So is there anything good at all that […]

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Shahid Afridi enraged over Main Houn Afridi

  Shahid Afridi Wednesday demanded that the producers of a film about a boy emulating his rise to stardom cut an “obscene” scene which he fears could damage his image.   The big-hitting all-rounder had given his blessing to “Main Houn Afridi” (“I am Afridi”) but is now worried it may lead young viewers astray.   The $1 million Pakistan-made […]

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By Aruba Adil Ashiqui 2 which was released on 26th April did a business of 24 crores within 4 days of its release, Directed by Mohit suri. The story opens up with Aditya Roy Kapoor as a dilapidated superstar who was not just reaping fame from his past sung songs but was also a roaring drunk, Rahul jaykar. One day […]

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Chambaili: ‘Fragrance of Freedom’ pervades Pakistan

Chambaili’ is remarkably a different movie as the new generation has stunned the viewers through their splendid work and acting. Such films are rarely produced which make people think about their own country. Its story, acting and music are really praiseworthy.   These views were expressed by several film viewers after watching this movie. By watching this movie the fragrance […]

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Vicky Donar

By Rocket-Man A perfect weekday movie…Vicky donor is a pretty well executed movie. the premise of the movie is very simple and “Laakhon mai aik” as the tagline says. The story is about Dr. Baldev Chaddha, a fertility professional, who runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Delhi, that assurances high quality and specified sperm for the couples […]

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The Dark Night Rises

By Ameen Khan Eight years after Batman took responsibility for Harvey Dent’s crimes against the city of Gotham, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is deteriorating physically and emotionally in his beautifully appointed mansion, waited upon by his faithful man Alfred (Michael Caine). He has no purpose.  The city is apparently crime free, his name is ruined and he lives in deep […]

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Big B & Bebo together after 8 years

By Aisha Asif aik hogaye hum Having stayed away from sharing screen space due to bitterness between the families, the actors will finally come together in Prakash Jha’s next film Prakash Jha has pulled off quite a casting coupe for his next film Satyagrah that starts rolling in Bhopal this December. The filmmaker has brought together Amitabh Bachchan and Kareena […]

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Minus Cinema Formula-Revival of DVD cinema”

     By Nuhman MAsood There  is onstant cold war between  cinema owners and film directors , film directors are not happy with owners because they think that cinema owners are not rightfully placing their movies or even not giving cinemas to their movies and releasing Indian movies rather than Pakistani movies and cinema owners has their own point of […]

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Seal It with a Kiss Veena

By Ali Tim Lollywood’s  saucy ,raunchy and oomph laden actress Veena Malik , an occupational Drama Queen  is  steaming ,jet set go ,all ready for  her teaser of on screen  Drama Queen to confirm her real life credentials. . Drama Queen  will showcase  a new avatar of Veena that will have your pulse racing and temperature rising . Yes , such […]

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