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Remembering Shakespeare ~

      All the World’s a Stage All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel […]

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“Ever After’’

By Mahi Rajput “Ever After’’ A cat asked to a Sad girl “Why my Princess is so sad?” As today is her bdy! She innocently saw her With full watery eyes ‘n said “How can I b happy? As my most precious bdy gift Is losted …………. ‘What was that?’ “I ‘ve losted my Prince Charming This bdy…………..” “Oh!no need to […]

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Unwanted Absurdity

As atypical as it may seem, To be tough on the front and weak behind, Giving out strength to those who mean, Despite the depravity deep inside. A teardrop or a cry in pain, Will stay unheard to those who remain, The closest of all yet the farthest away, There’s so much to see with no words to say. The […]

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The Crying Camera!

By Ali Tim Aik  tunha camera Akaila phir raha tha Kisi ne us ko sense diya Kisi ne uss ko lens diya Koi uss ka tripod lay aya Kisi ne cover bhi dilwaya Shutter pe cover bhi churhaya Gutter se us ko bachaya Aik camera tha Akaila phir raha tha Jab baat ayai taseveer kheechne ki Camera zoor se chilya […]

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Poem by a Cameraman!

Kisi ne na Bataya, Madam nay Bulwaya, Farhan ka naam dulwaya, Waqat pe office aya, Lakin kuch na paya   Cameraman [AAG TV] Sattar Bhai’s parody of Shehzad Roy’s “Waasu”. *Farhan is the coordinator for The Red Team at Aag.

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The Oddities

By SamiaBR Wanderers we are searching through miles and miles to find our own. We are normal. Very normal. Nay, we are the conflicts. Where did we go wrong and choose an erroneous path for ourselves? Do we perceive wrong and right? We fail to express. Concealed emotions search for a veil whilst the soul searches for a friend. No […]

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Watching TV

By Kumail A. Shareef  Watching T.v. In my lehaf, Jalsa of Tehreek e insaaf, I get bored, Change the channel, Corrupt people, In a discussion panel, Change again, A sexy scene, Some one enters, Change the screen, Religious uncle, Talking his talk, On another channel, Models walks, In sports today, Some win some fail, Some taking bribes, Some going to […]

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How can it be?

    HOW CAN IT BE When life is real And living beings are fake When water is flowing and Dry is the lake HOW CAN IT BE  When False faltered Egos The moments are fake The rhythm is stagnant music is stale HOW CAN IT BE When tears have no salt The smiles are mere smirks The laughter boils […]

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