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Droned for no reason !

By Sarwat Tariq The use of drones has rapidly expanded over the last few months in Pakistan and day by day resistance, protest and opposition are being amplified. Whenever drone attack comes there should be the loss of Pakistani poor people and no one care about those citizens because all our ministers and senators are secure and living in a […]

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Why Do I Cry?

By Ovais Obowath You ask me , why do I whine , why do I cry day in day out in front of these deaf ears where pin drop silence prevail. disillusioned youth, disloyal leaders , no unity and yet still somehow there is glucose in my vein , there is some life left in me , there is some […]

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You are too sexy for your shirt.. GIVE IT TO ME!!

By – Eye Contact Rehman Malik the so called guarantor of democracy grabbed the collar of a journalist when he asked a perfectly legitimate question about his dual nationality at the Karachi airport yesterday. A picture tells a thousand stories and this picture is telling a million thousand. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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Disgruntled Spiker

The Political Turmoil  read “Term Oil “ in the political furnace of Pakistan is feeling Lubricated . The foes have become friends  and the arch rivals are laying flower beds for the Rajas and MAHA Rajas of the world to walk upon. Suddenly there is LIGHT at the end, in between and start of the tunnel. The lack of power […]

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Imran Khan, Bandwagons and the Obama Syndrome

By Jamal Let me break this news to you. Apparently, there’s a man who can travel at 108000 kilometres an hour without breaking a sweat. To see him, kindly leave the monitor, get up, go to the nearest mirror and look into it. …Yes that’s you. In fact, we all travel at 108000 kilometres an hour through space because we […]

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Why this Bloodshed?!

By Chotu Another wave of terrorism has struck the city of Karachi .This morning  a barricade of SSP Malir  Rao Anwar  en route Cantt area  was attacked .A suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck with the one of its security cars and went off killing four people. Earlier this morning was a tragic shoot out in PIB colony where two […]

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Rage & Ruin

By Ali Tim The violence and blood shed continues in Karachi.Last three days seemed like life at the Gazza strip in the densely populated areas of the city.Playing the proverbial game of Counter Strike the political parties and their hooligan workers shot and fired at everything that came their way.More than 30 killed and 50 vehicles  were set on fire.Today […]

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Karachi Shuts down again!

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Parda hai parda…….!

By Sana Khan I always used to think that the Pakistani and Indian movies are never based on facts, where one hero beats up a group of Villains and comes out safely, but to my surprise I was wrong. Just a few days back I saw a huge lady who barged in a polling station and all of a sudden […]

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Pemra can’t SHUT the Camera

By Jo Cheeta Woh Hai Sikander So we all know what the drift is all about? The state owned sweetheart PEMRA is pulling its socks up to have another go at the electronic media.The initial announcement was denied by the Miss’information minister Firdous Ashiq Awan or in words of PM Gillani”it was not in her Knowledge”But what’s evident and public knowledge […]

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