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Jalsa Galore

By A’T Yes i want to say this aloud that Jalsa phenomenon in Pk has reached pandemic proportions.Karachi city once known for its hustling bustling Sunday Bazars,Kitaab Bazars,pop concerts,stage plays on Beautiful Sundays  have now turned totally into a JALSA MANDI.Either half the people are now going to these Jalsas on Sundays or half of them stay indoors fearing eminent […]

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Punjab Governments’ Mujra !!!

By SamiaBR So finally we were all happy that the Punjab Government is at least taking some measures to encourage students towards education and that is, distributing free laptops. Thousands of students applied and their applications were granted. Now imagine, I receive this beautiful sleek laptop at my doorstep one fine day, for FREE. I greet it with a huge grin […]

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By Farisa Afzal While watching the PTI’s exploding jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on television I happened to asked my sister-in-law (Who was getting really impressed by the crowd and supporters of Imran khan) I said. Will you vote for Imran Khan in the next general elections,she looked at me and replied “Depends” I asked depends on what? she said it does […]

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