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*Lala la la Boom Boom Afridi

By Naveed Farooqi  For my cricket loving friends, AFRIDI’s epic performance of 76 blasting Runs , 7 wickets and mere 12 Runs with 3 Maiden Overs. [Too brilliant]. in circketing terms; Record of its own kind which beats all of the previous All Round Performances of ODI, because he has done 3 times, yes twice before and this time with […]

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Pakistan won the match!

From – Wooden Desk Pakistan won the match! Congrats! Winning or losing does not matter! It is always the spirit of the game. The power to  contest and confront. The unity to play as a team. Excelling in fitness and technique. To be focus of attention for millions of eyes  in the playing field. Cricket like any other sport is […]

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Interview with Misbah

By – PARANOID_REBORN The reverse doosra team caught up with Misbah ul Haq at the start of the Pakistan-England ODI series. This is what Misbah had to say: Paranoid Reborn (“P”): Good morning Misbah.  How are you doing? Misbah ul Haq (“M”): Good Morning.  I am doing really really well.  Especially, the way the sun has just come out today has made […]

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The Case for Female Umpires

By – OUTLAW_TORN I am all for gender equality. I think there should be female fishermen going out in boats to catch us some shell fish. They might be surprised to find out that lobsters turn all cuddly and red only after they are boiled. For cricket, I think we are progressively moving towards an era where the female umpire […]

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The Azhar Ali Method

By – OUTLAW_TORN Really freaky fast bowling, really fearless shot selection and really fearless off-field hobbies are what had come to be known as the three pillars upon which Pakistan cricket stood as the most exciting and ruthless form of the game for the past two decades. That is until the arrival of Azhar Ali into the team. Having read […]

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Bilal- I did it for my country!

By Ali Tim I asked him a very simple question, “Do you want me to put your name there?” He  sprayed rose water out of a bottle  on his face sitting in a tiny cubicle and ignored .I repeated my question. He frowned and said, “yes let the whole Pakistan know that I designed it” He gets back to staring […]

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IPL – All Ready!

By Timstoy ALREADY IN Cricket over the years has become just more than a game played in the green grounds – It is glamour ,action,celebration,excitement ,money and the works. Indian Premier League has  painted  it all to the hilt  – This time IPL promises to keep you entertained for 8 weeks of high energy bonanza. On the whole, 9 teams are […]

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Yuvraj accepts the blame for delay in treatment

By SamiaBR  Midst the celebrations of England’s whitewash by the Pakistani cricket team, there also seeped a silent buzz that soon gathered everyone’s attention. Yuvraj Singh, a world class all rounder in cricket from India was diagnosed with lung cancer and was currently undergoing chemotherapy. The treatment for Yuvraj’s illness faced a little delay and his fans all over the […]

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