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Snooping the Dogg

By Sniffing Cat-       American rapper Snoop Dogg seems to be having all the time on earth, idly umm couched? He’s been endlessly taking pictures of everything he lays his eyes on and eternally putting them up on twitter.  His profile is evidently flooded with clicks from all over. Dogg has practically butchered Instagram.. He’s got everything.  Everything […]

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Shades of Grey

By Sajja-         Of Saints and Satans.. All in the shades of grey..

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Don’t Crash…Don’t Burn

The current wave of violence gripping Pakistan and specially  the Big province Punjab is being talked about by the international media.Political turmoil in PK and agitation,anger and frustration of common man has become a topic of debate for electronic and print media worldwide   People protesting for provision of basic amenities of life such a water , fuel and electricity have taken to the streets […]

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Gola Ganda

By Sajja-         Sweet rainbows dripping down your throat! ^___^ Hot summers, scorching sun.. all would lose its charm without this one colourful snowball..

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Free Advisory Services

By Sana Khan  Out of the very few free things available in our dear country, Free advices are the most common and most annoying. From an ordinary passerby to a hawker, from your maid to your neighbour aunties and some aunty type men as well, everyone likes to give you their piece of mind. (out of the little amount they […]

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The Entertainer

Like a true entertainer  make sure  to entertain them all .Once done they will exit the door themselves .Start gearing up for the next act.Those who like the show will come back again. Those who don’t will not .Life is a stage and ………… all are entertainers . Undefined and uncategorised . Good , bad and ugly .Veteran or beginners […]

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Circular Triangular Rectangular Debt

A new wave of protests by the rank and file  has commenced all over Pakistan with burning ,pelting,stoning and setting ablaze government and private properties for the want of electricity , water and gas supply. The lack of basic amenities of life has  enraged a vast majority to take to the streets and vandalize  whatever is coming it’s way.  Arson […]

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Sun’sational Summer Day

Summer has finally unleashed it’s fury.First day of May the sun is making Hay! This is the first sign that Mr Sun is going to be very infuriated this year. To support it’s Sun’sationalism like the previous years the KESC is taking an active part with a gorilla practise more commonly know to the living beings as the load shedding. No electricity no […]

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Enter The light zone

You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but this does not mean that you should stay oblivious .The constellation is shining for you.Every cloud has a silver lining.If you catch it ….it’s yours. Go out and live your dreams 

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Better late than never!

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth. Pls Don’t think i forgot to wish you.Actually there has been a bit of a calamity in my country.Been caught up. Btw your Husband is very old now. Get a new one . You can afford one cos you are a Queen. So long* love and muaaaaah Ali Tim

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