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A Hospital In A Dismal State!

By SamiaBR Persistent fever raging as high as 103 degrees, severe cough, confused state of mind, blurred vision and with several other symptoms, they landed in the most prestigious and renowned hospital almost ten days ago. A young lad unfortunately fell sick and while he was on his road to recovery, when he mistakenly took a double dose of the medicines […]

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I want Justin Bieber’s Hair!!!!!

By Pierera Scobes recently I saw this extremely goood lookin and such a cuttteeeee guy on the internet.. omgggggggggg I could die to be with him.. His name is Justin Bieber.. he says he is some famous singer or so? i dont really know…. but man, i think he could even make guys fall for him… the best thing about […]

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Evil is relative

By Jamal A question came into my mind and I need to answer it. Where do all these villains come from? Voldemort, Darth Vader, Shafqat Cheema, Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, how do they become the persons they are?  Is it entirely their own fault? Wrong choices as we are often led to believe.  Or, does the fault lies with the society […]

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Bhora Kala Ka Bijli Ka Bill

By Usman Bhora Kala Bhaayoon aur Behnoon aur phupeeon waghaira.Mere Bijli ka Bill 17,000 ruppar aya hai december ka .Mein kya karron ,dec mein tu mein ghar pe tha hee nahi- tala lag howa tha .mein ne bahut chakker lagai kesc ke ..lakin woh bill theek nahi kertay .Kon hai ya minister kesc ka ,koi hai iss ka bhi chief minister […]

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Punjab Governments’ Mujra !!!

By SamiaBR So finally we were all happy that the Punjab Government is at least taking some measures to encourage students towards education and that is, distributing free laptops. Thousands of students applied and their applications were granted. Now imagine, I receive this beautiful sleek laptop at my doorstep one fine day, for FREE. I greet it with a huge grin […]

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Laughter Chunk!

  Saleem : My son is not listening to anything I say. Rasheed : Is he so adamant ? Saleem: No, he is deaf. Hamid Behra: After buying this new hearing aid, I am able to hear something two blocks away. Rashid loola: Cool, how much did it cost? Hamid Behra : The time is three past ten. Doctor Karim, […]

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