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Technology, the devil in disguise?

  By Irma Masood No matter how clichéd the topic might seem, and regardless of the number of debates that have taken place on the very same issue, the question remains yet very important “Is technology the devil in disguise”?   Over the years, technology has experience multifold advancements and has blessed us in numerous ways, but looking at the […]

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Impact Of Social Media

  By Umer Ali Khan It is hard to know sometimes how our life has improved until we halt for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. In recent ages social media, likely more than anything else, has significantly squeezed most of our daily lives. Imagining the global conversation that has […]

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Spread Positivity !

   By Aag Desk Facebook began adding warning messages Tuesday to gruesome videos of beheadings after a shift in policy prompted an outcry.   According to screen shots on media sites including the BBC and Guardian, the social media giant was adding warnings saying such videos contained “extremely graphic content” and “may be upsetting.”   Facebook did not respond to […]

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Movie 2k -4k

  By Cine-matic Film buffs all over the globe  would go to any extent to watch their favorite movies. Since steeply priced theatre experience is beyond the reach of majority cine lovers the advent of internet has provided an interesting resource to view the bootlegged and also master prints on hi definition format on personal computers . Most of such […]

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“Google chromecast, leapfrogging the competition!”

Asad Mustafa kahlon Technology is a bliss, is an old adage that is manifested every now and then in our ‘on the go’ lifestyles. In a cut throat competition, Google Chromecast has come to the fore to out smart its (apparant) rival, the Apple Tv. All tech savvy mavens who want an enhanced digital content screening experience on their television […]

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Facebook lets users showcase posts on other websites

Facebook on Wednesday began letting people share social network posts at blogs or other spots on the Internet.   An Embedded Posts feature being tested out at CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, PEOPLE and Mashable websites lets Facebook members broadcast posts in real-time to broader online audiences.   “We are beginning to roll out Embedded Posts to make it possible […]

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“Whats up dude on WhatsApp “

By Asma The new addition in the world of text messaging is “WhatsApp” yes its a instant messaging for smartphones. where users can send audio, video, share images, and can send messages no matters where ever you are in the world. this software is available for Android,Blackberry, Ios, Windows phone and Symbian. wow ! Isn’t is cool ? So what […]

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Risk Assessments in Data Storage

By  Laila Rehman I attended a guest lecture last year where Sarfaraz Rehman [CEO of Dawood Foundation] shared his views on the internet generation & the importance the place on “staying connected” at all times. The quote is paraphrased and does not represent his exact phrasing: “Life does not exist on the internet. It’s out here, in the real world. […]

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Marriage of MSN and Skype

By Umer Ali Khan Skype sets a new trend to promote business! and Microsoft biggest business deal forever…. “Marriage of MSN and Skype” a new heaven. All of you are well aware of MSN Messenger i.e Windows Live Messenger. If I say MSN has ruled the entire world for every age group and specially the youth then it is absolutely […]

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Twitter Hacked !

SAN FRANCISCO: Anonymous hackers attacked Twitter this week and may have gained access to passwords and other information for as many as 250,000 user accounts, the microblog revealed late on Friday. Twitter said in a blog post that the passwords were encrypted and that it had already reset them as a “precautionary measure,” and that it was in the process […]

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