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The New Powerful 8!

By – Saad Khan Been waiting for something a bit more polished than the Windows 8 Consumer Preview before taking the new OS for a test drive? You don’t have much longer to wait. According to Microsoft, you’ll be able to download the Windows 8 Release Preview by the first week of June. As they always do, Microsoft will be offering customers […]

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The Future of Cloud Computing

  By Umer Ali Khan Very Interesting ! I am very glad to write & give you the very marvellous information that you will love to read & Enjoy to getting the knowledge that you will perceive after read my whole article.   If I say ‘Facebook’, ‘Youtube’, ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Hotmail’, I know for sure that I have grabbed your […]

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Your Worldwide Virtual Office Desk Wherever You Are

By Umer Ali Khan These days we all know the state of our beloved Karachi. People are virtually scared to leave home. When outside home, our fears come into play and cloud our perception, somehow stopping us from wanting to leave home for the fear of victimization. Considering these circumstances I recommend the use of Virtual offices.  Let me explain […]

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Instagram Mania

By Techstoy Instagram’s role as a tool for keeping tabs on current events was highlighted earlier this month when Instagrammers spread the word about Osama bin Laden’s death through photos, snapping photos of American flags, President Obama’s speech and the crowds outside the White House. Instagrammers continue to share photos of newsworthy events, resulting in a highly visual way to […]

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Gideon and the Zipper!

By S.Report They don’t stay closed. They won’t go up half the time. Pull too hard and the zipper pull comes off! Zippers are probably the first machines any of us learn to use as kids. But who first thought up the zipper and how long ago was that? It all started 115 years ago in Chicago. At the Chicago World’s […]

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Windows Phone Bing Translator

By S.Report Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Windows Phone Bing Translator application, which is available to download for free from the Windows Marketplace. Within the new update Microsoft have added support for offline use, which now enables users to download a language pack, for use when Internet connectivity might be a little unreliable. The Bing Translator […]

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Man uses Google Earth to find long-lost mother!

By S.Report Separated from his family at age 5, an Indian man uses the Web tool Google Earth to track down the name of his village — and ultimately reunite with his mother. Sometimes Google Earth can help you find your way home after decades of not knowing where home is. That is what apparently happened for an Indian man […]

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Nokia is a failure n’ Nike launches its Fuel band!

By HB TechGuru Nokia is a failure               Just like Eldar Murtazin, the Russian journalist had predicted, Nokia’s results are in with 1 million Nokia 800 devices sold since launch. This result is an absolute failure for the company for a flagship device. In comparison, Apple and Samsung sells this number within minutes of […]

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The IPhone For The Masses – IPhone 4 In Pakistan

BY HB TECHGURU The iPhone 4 is last year’s flagship for Apple Inc but it can still hold its own against the big boys of the smartphone market. Packing a 1GHz CPU along with a seamlessly integrated operating system, never lets you feel like you need more power, unless of course you are downgrading from the 4S.  With the introduction […]

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Smartphones update

By HB TechGuru  Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and whilst it is usually the high-end variety that gets the most column inches from people like me, it’s the entry level stuff that is falling into the hands of more and more customers. Market research firm Deloitte is estimating that 2012 will see the number of smartphones costing less […]

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