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Free Advisory Services

By Sana Khan  Out of the very few free things available in our dear country, Free advices are the most common and most annoying. From an ordinary passerby to a hawker, from your maid to your neighbour aunties and some aunty type men as well, everyone likes to give you their piece of mind. (out of the little amount they […]

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Circular Triangular Rectangular Debt

A new wave of protests by the rank and file  has commenced all over Pakistan with burning ,pelting,stoning and setting ablaze government and private properties for the want of electricity , water and gas supply. The lack of basic amenities of life has  enraged a vast majority to take to the streets and vandalize  whatever is coming it’s way.  Arson […]

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      For the first time ever on Monday Metallica played their iconic self-titled ‘Black’ album from end to beginning instead of beginning to end at a concert in Prague   The Black album was originally released in August, 1991. It is Metallica’s biggest selling album ever, clocking up over 25 million sales worldwide.Here is what’s happening with the […]

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Mango Lassi Live @ Stanford

Basant is for kites, colours and festivity and also for Mango Lassi , an upcoming PK Berkeley based band featuring Minhaj (guitars),Fahad(bass),Riaz(drums)Imarn &Sheraz(vocals) The Magoo Lassi” Basant Festival” will be held on Saturday 12th May 2012 at 1pm @ Manzanita Field Stanford University USA. The band promises free Kites,Guddis and Patangs at the venue . Break a leg Mango Lassi and do […]

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