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A ‘Wilde’ Moment for Pakistan

By Ali Tim Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy wins the Oscar Award for her movie ‘Saving Face‘ making millions of Pakistanis proud . A local radio station was giving out the following details for this huge triumph; “ Sharmeen will be wearing clothes by Bunto Kazmi, designs by Sana Safinaz and jewelry by Kiran Aman at the ceremony’. This is quite funny […]

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Maya Khan answers her critics??

By Humayun Peer Maya answers the critics??? Bilal Lakhani is on twitter saying that Maya Khan will be coming on Kamran Shahid’s show Monday night on Express news. Rumour has it that she is going to join Express and this is going to be her ‘big apology’ to win back fans and critics with rhona dhona and insincere words of […]

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Evil is relative

By Jamal A question came into my mind and I need to answer it. Where do all these villains come from? Voldemort, Darth Vader, Shafqat Cheema, Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, how do they become the persons they are?  Is it entirely their own fault? Wrong choices as we are often led to believe.  Or, does the fault lies with the society […]

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BOL Pakistan!

By Ali Tim The freedom to express or the nihility of voicing your opinion .The debate is never ending ! It is also a personal prerogative as to why one should be expressive  and what medium is used as a tool to convey the inert feelings .This world has nothing but arbitrary lines. The galaxy is hung in circular lines […]

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Ali Safina Video Blog [www.aag.tv]

With love to all my fans ……… have a great day!

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With love to Kurt ….

By AT That is where the Grunge began & ended ! Live fast – die young ,the dictum of Rock and Rollers was applied by Kurt ,a prominent figure of alternative movement and posthumously of club 27 . His Teen spirit that influenced generations left his body with some Love Courtney (Better half /worse half) embittered escapade .A bullet ,acid […]

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Tamanna Begum passes away

  May Allah rest her soul in peace. The veteran silver screen and TV actress Tamanna Begum passed away after a prolonged  illness in Karachi on Monday, 20th Feb. 2012. Tamanna Begum hailed from  Lahore and started her career with Radio Pakistan. She worked for radio, television and films.  She touched the pinnacle of fame and peaked in the early 70s […]

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Jalsa Galore

By A’T Yes i want to say this aloud that Jalsa phenomenon in Pk has reached pandemic proportions.Karachi city once known for its hustling bustling Sunday Bazars,Kitaab Bazars,pop concerts,stage plays on Beautiful Sundays  have now turned totally into a JALSA MANDI.Either half the people are now going to these Jalsas on Sundays or half of them stay indoors fearing eminent […]

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Bhora Kala Ka Bijli Ka Bill

By Usman Bhora Kala Bhaayoon aur Behnoon aur phupeeon waghaira.Mere Bijli ka Bill 17,000 ruppar aya hai december ka .Mein kya karron ,dec mein tu mein ghar pe tha hee nahi- tala lag howa tha .mein ne bahut chakker lagai kesc ke ..lakin woh bill theek nahi kertay .Kon hai ya minister kesc ka ,koi hai iss ka bhi chief minister […]

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The IPhone For The Masses – IPhone 4 In Pakistan

BY HB TECHGURU The iPhone 4 is last year’s flagship for Apple Inc but it can still hold its own against the big boys of the smartphone market. Packing a 1GHz CPU along with a seamlessly integrated operating system, never lets you feel like you need more power, unless of course you are downgrading from the 4S.  With the introduction […]

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