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Whitney had premonitions before death

  Whitney Houston had premonitions before her death. It is said that recently Whitney had become closer to religion and was constantly expressing her wish to meet Jesus one day. Her close friends have disclosed that she was often found humming hymns from the bible and reciting other spiritual scriptures. Whitney shared a dream that she saw Jesus (or maybe a figure […]

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We are jailed!

I happened to go to Zamzama Street Karachi on the 13th of Feb to shop for some formal dresses for a friends wedding the very next day. Oblivious (at that moment) of the fact that it was 14th Feb, the infamous love day, I started wandering through various retail shops one by one. I knew there was something weird or […]

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Kiki Hehe!


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Mathira’s 5 to-do(not) things on Valentines Day!

By Mathira 5 things u should not do on valentines day (for boys ) : Don’t ask the girl of wat she wants. A gift is supposed to be a secret . Never ever try to go for lunch on valentines day n I think u should arrange a dinner. A date should be after 6pm.  Try to be causal […]

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by / on February 11, 2012 at 12:13 pm / in POLITICS, SULK HERE

Punjab Governments’ Mujra !!!

By SamiaBR So finally we were all happy that the Punjab Government is at least taking some measures to encourage students towards education and that is, distributing free laptops. Thousands of students applied and their applications were granted. Now imagine, I receive this beautiful sleek laptop at my doorstep one fine day, for FREE. I greet it with a huge grin […]

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Share them fast!

[portfolio_slideshow] These cards are available for FREE on www.aag.tv!

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Laughter Chunk!

  Saleem : My son is not listening to anything I say. Rasheed : Is he so adamant ? Saleem: No, he is deaf. Hamid Behra: After buying this new hearing aid, I am able to hear something two blocks away. Rashid loola: Cool, how much did it cost? Hamid Behra : The time is three past ten. Doctor Karim, […]

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by / on February 9, 2012 at 1:46 pm / in FASHION

Razzle Dazzle!

  The recently held fashion show in India was a huge success for many affluent designers. It showcased upcoming collections amidst an eagerly anticipated audience. Indian fashion has come a long way and it isn’t just staying within its borders. Back to back fashion shows are a proof that a lot of international designers are taking part. The fashion show […]

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Yuvraj accepts the blame for delay in treatment

By SamiaBR  Midst the celebrations of England’s whitewash by the Pakistani cricket team, there also seeped a silent buzz that soon gathered everyone’s attention. Yuvraj Singh, a world class all rounder in cricket from India was diagnosed with lung cancer and was currently undergoing chemotherapy. The treatment for Yuvraj’s illness faced a little delay and his fans all over the […]

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by / on January 31, 2012 at 8:41 am / in POETRY

Watching TV

By Kumail A. Shareef  Watching T.v. In my lehaf, Jalsa of Tehreek e insaaf, I get bored, Change the channel, Corrupt people, In a discussion panel, Change again, A sexy scene, Some one enters, Change the screen, Religious uncle, Talking his talk, On another channel, Models walks, In sports today, Some win some fail, Some taking bribes, Some going to […]

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