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“Whats up dude on WhatsApp “

By Asma The new addition in the world of text messaging is “WhatsApp” yes its a instant messaging for smartphones. where users can send audio, video, share images, and can send messages no matters where ever you are in the world. this software is available for Android,Blackberry, Ios, Windows phone and Symbian. wow ! Isn’t is cool ? So what […]

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Mama Tried to Raise a Lady

By Irma Ikram My mom tells me her pregnancy with me was difficult. Apparently I had a kick boxing style that wouldn’t let her sleep at night, a picky pallet that wouldn’t let her eat a morsel, and a fashion sense that made her give up all her nice clothes. And for nine months when the humble abode of my […]

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Are People no Better than Boxes?

By Irma Ikram I went to Dolmen City one fine Friday afternoon for lunch, and it was to my great misfortune that I saw people who resembled boxes; everywhere I looked all I saw was hundreds and hundreds of boxes in the form of humans. Now a box in its quite literal term refers to a four wall container with […]

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Nexus 4 supply issue

Google has had massive shortages since putting the Nexus 4 handset on sale in November, but manufacturer LG doesn’t see a problem from its point of view. An official has said that production is proceeding as planned at the Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea, and there is no issue in supply. These comments aren’t likely to heal the breach for those who […]

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Let Waters Live !

  Let Waters Live ! Protect And Conserve The Marine World. Photography by Fahad Siddiqui Concept and copy by Ali Tim  2013    

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Legendary Musicians Of Karachi

Who would believe it, apart for the baby boomer generation that witnessed Karachi in her glory days. But Yes Indeed!  This city ‘once’ boasted an enthusiastic and bustling nightlife with some of the finest young musicians and bands performing at a choice of venues. And we; i.e.  The Legendary Musicians of Karachi group (LMK) have taken on this mammoth project of recording as accurately as possible, all these […]

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One Pound Fish is kinda…….

Aag Web Desk And he was just another bloke on the block trying to make ends meet in UK by selling fish . He thought he would sing it out and sing it aloud to all and sundry. ‘C’mon Ladies One Pound Fish” and have whales of fun.He emerged trumps .Shahid Nazir has certainly created waves in the fish pound […]

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Ravi Shankar The Godfather Of World Music dies

Ravi Shankar, who introduced eastern Sitar to the West through his collaborations with The Beatles, died in California on 12th Dec 2012. He was 92. Shankar, a three-time Grammy winner with legendary appearances at the 1967 Monterey Festival and at Woodstock, had been in fragile health for several years and last Thursday underwent surgery, In India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s office […]

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Vicky Donar

By Rocket-Man A perfect weekday movie…Vicky donor is a pretty well executed movie. the premise of the movie is very simple and “Laakhon mai aik” as the tagline says. The story is about Dr. Baldev Chaddha, a fertility professional, who runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Delhi, that assurances high quality and specified sperm for the couples […]

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Emerald Green for 2013

Pantone has announced their  final colour trends for the upcoming year .The forecast is full of greens and blues,  bright red, yellow and green with a tinge of aqua. And so many hues,the final color decided for 2013 by Pantone is Emerald Green! “Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any […]

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