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Let Waters Live !

  Let Waters Live ! Protect And Conserve The Marine World. Photography by Fahad Siddiqui Concept and copy by Ali Tim  2013    

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Modelling Ka *SHOCK*

By Ali Tim I found this rather amusing advertisement on face Book today. The advertiser is some known figure of the show business . The response to his update by an ageing struggler is also displayed here. Smile WOW 2 IN 1 PRICE  ….and response by an ageing Wannabe !  

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Mehar Din Pakistani

By Ali Tim Chacha Pakistani, the hero who lived to make Pakistan proud is gone! The man who, under all hazards, used to reach  Wagah Border for the flag hosting ceremonies, breath his last at the age of 90 on Sunday Oct 21 2012 With an alias used more for the love of his nation, Chaha’s real name was Mehar […]

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Aag Leaks – October 2012

Sattar Bhai  and Shakeel are pulling off RED HOONT jokes of the latest variety with Sajjad Haider(Red Team) on Aag Tv floor .Expressing  an outward glee only, Sajjad for sure doesn’t fancy it internally. Hypocrite Hot! Raees and Raheel ( Producers) are together forever. Seen together forever, to be more precise. It is just that they have managed to keep […]

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Seal It with a Kiss Veena

By Ali Tim Lollywood’s  saucy ,raunchy and oomph laden actress Veena Malik , an occupational Drama Queen  is  steaming ,jet set go ,all ready for  her teaser of on screen  Drama Queen to confirm her real life credentials. . Drama Queen  will showcase  a new avatar of Veena that will have your pulse racing and temperature rising . Yes , such […]

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RR Raja Rental*Not Rock N Roll

By Ali Tim The new synonyms for corruption  are most likely to be words such as Politicians , Pakistan ,Prime minister , President .I shudder to think this would  happen but I live with  the fear that it will!Such is the  state of affairs. Surfing through  the web images  today as I keyed in the word *Rental , it popped […]

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Heart Attack Recipes

 By Ali Tim Fasting is always Good but for a vast majority during Ramadan, feasting is …… Samosay Count every Samosa that you eat after the age of 30 as a Potential Mini Heart Attack. Carry your Blood Pressure Pills in your pocket if you are eating 3 samasos back to back. Yes, the dose of 3 can be that Happening! […]

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World Anti-Narcotics Day 26 June 2012

World Anti-Narcotics Day 26 June,2012 Poster art,photography and copy by Ali Tim  

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World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour  Concept and Copy : Ali Tim  Photography :Fahadee Creative Director:Sajjad Haider  

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Sanki King Graffiti

By Sanki King  My first Graffiti piece out on the streets, started painting it from the night of 7th of June (my birthday) and finished it last night. This is a huge piece, about 6 feet in height and 15 feet in width. This side of the bridge has no lights at all and I painted the piece under the […]

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