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As i Write

   By Sajja Shah I am not a regular writer nor do I put together words that are legendary. My compositions are not timeless. I seldom write, once or maybe twice in lonely blue moon, only when my heart gets so heavy that I am unable to contain the ache of holding it all back. Only then I spill it […]

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Ban Karo Sab Kuch !

  By Star Gazer Social Networking sites have caused more mayhem in Pakistani politics than anywhere else in the world . It is all mostly because of the fact that ordinary people are smarter and more tech- savvy then  our  not so able  politicians . The  social networking sites of late have allowed more freedom of speech than  what has […]

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The Day The Music Died !

By Zeeshan Parwez Masood Bhai (Ahmad Paracha) has passed away. For those of you who didn’t know him, he ran a music store in Peshawar called TeenBeat. Since the last 3 decades, he provided music to countless people in Peshawar. Yes, he had the best music selection in the form of vintage LPs, tapes and CDs. His knowledge in music […]

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Malala Day on turning 16 .

By Dr Rizwanul Haque  What we never thought of  has come true. A teenager from a conservative SWAT Valley will be addressing  UN in New York. Every Pakistan ruler dreamed to avail an opportunity like this  but never got this chance on merit. On the othere hand the chit of a girl Malala an innocent  girl got the silver lining […]

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By Aruba Adil Ashiqui 2 which was released on 26th April did a business of 24 crores within 4 days of its release, Directed by Mohit suri. The story opens up with Aditya Roy Kapoor as a dilapidated superstar who was not just reaping fame from his past sung songs but was also a roaring drunk, Rahul jaykar. One day […]

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ways to kill boredom

By Asma Getting bored ? Nothing to do ?Ok don’t worry! Here are few ways to kill  your boredom. Hang out with family & friends or watch comedy movies that helps to kill some time. Do you have internet, right? Don’t say no because you related to this world and in this world everyone has internet facility. Write blogs on […]

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“The Ease of Getting a Job in Pakistan”

By Ramsha Kohati If you opened this blog expecting you’d be getting the perfect formula for getting a job in Pakistan, then I welcome you to my dear blog. With my expertise in getting jobs for others, I will assist you throughout. Please read on. Now let’s officially start it with some boring facts. Pakistan has unemployment rate of 5.6%. So […]

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A Night of Cheers &Tears in Karachi

By Aisha Waris Recent blasts in Abbas Town which targeted shia community once again not only was the cause of fear for the karachiites but due to those blasts people (including me) started criticizing  SharmilaFarooqi because , the night of the blast, little miss political celeb was getting engaged at Mohatta palace with all the security deployed at the venue. […]

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I like seeing woman in high heels

By Faiza Hai Shoes of every make and style are loved by women across the globe but it is the heel, which increase the style whether stiletto or platform that is coveted, adored, desired in such abundance simply in and of the shoe itself. They’re everywhere. They run rampant in books, calendars, photographs, album and movie covers, dangling in miniature […]

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Bieber Fever Believe

Justin Bieber‘s new album Believe Acoustic, which features eight acoustic tracks from his 2012 platinum LP Believe, as well as three new cuts, is expected to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart . Hardly a surprise, considering Bieber’s the biggest pop artist in the world. His repertoire is laced with 4 No 1s and expectations are that Believe will also land […]

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