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by / on December 28, 2013 at 2:37 pm / in featured, TECHNOLOGY

Technology, the devil in disguise?

  By Irma Masood No matter how clichéd the topic might seem, and regardless of the number of debates that have taken place on the very same issue, the question remains yet very important “Is technology the devil in disguise”?   Over the years, technology has experience multifold advancements and has blessed us in numerous ways, but looking at the […]

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Risk Assessments in Data Storage

By  Laila Rehman I attended a guest lecture last year where Sarfaraz Rehman [CEO of Dawood Foundation] shared his views on the internet generation & the importance the place on “staying connected” at all times. The quote is paraphrased and does not represent his exact phrasing: “Life does not exist on the internet. It’s out here, in the real world. […]

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The Steve Jobs movie

  by – Saad Khan The production for the Hollywood biopic “jOBS” has started starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The movie will focus the the younger years of jobs, from 1971 to 2000. Kutcher was chosen for the role because he looks like the late Apple executive during his younger years. Kutcher has donned a shaggy hairstyle and trimmed beard to match the younger […]

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Your Worldwide Virtual Office Desk Wherever You Are

By Umer Ali Khan These days we all know the state of our beloved Karachi. People are virtually scared to leave home. When outside home, our fears come into play and cloud our perception, somehow stopping us from wanting to leave home for the fear of victimization. Considering these circumstances I recommend the use of Virtual offices.  Let me explain […]

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