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“Imran, the only threat for Nawaz gov”

ByAhmad Karim Every existent (thing) that has emerged from non-existence is poison for one person and sugar for another” and “Each and every part of the world is a snare for the fool and a means of deliverance for the wise” Rummi After a change in the mood of people in Pakistan especially in urban areas and educated ones in […]

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NA-250 Drag My Vote but you Can’t Drag My Spirit

By Irma Ikram It took me six hours to cast my vote. My polling station was NA-250 DCW Phase 8, it had become rather apparent over time that the postponing of the votes had been deliberate. The master plan apparently was that if the votes were delayed then people would give up and go home. The thought of posh aunties […]

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Imran Khan, Bandwagons and the Obama Syndrome

By Jamal Let me break this news to you. Apparently, there’s a man who can travel at 108000 kilometres an hour without breaking a sweat. To see him, kindly leave the monitor, get up, go to the nearest mirror and look into it. …Yes that’s you. In fact, we all travel at 108000 kilometres an hour through space because we […]

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