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Happiness In Small Packages

  By Areej Fatima Naqvi I remember it almost as if it happened yesterday, I was shopping with my mother for Eid clothes, walking towards the car after leaving a shop at Zamzama I came across a child not more than 7 years old, he was selling flowers, roses to be quite exact, running here and there trying  to convince […]

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Unhappy makes materialistic

By Happy Guy Unhappy kids are more likely to become materialistic than children who are happy with their lives, a new study from the Netherlands suggests.   And TV advertising is an important instigator, the study found.   “Children who were less satisfied with their lives do become more materialistic over time, but only when they are frequently exposed to […]

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Lesson Of Acceptance

By Gulzar Nayani  Have u ever wondered why we are so apart? Why there is so much hatred for each other in our hearts? Why the land is drowning with tears? Why our hearts are filled with so many fears? The reason behind all this is that we have forgotten what once we were taught. That all men are equal […]

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