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Technology, the devil in disguise?

  By Irma Masood No matter how clichéd the topic might seem, and regardless of the number of debates that have taken place on the very same issue, the question remains yet very important “Is technology the devil in disguise”?   Over the years, technology has experience multifold advancements and has blessed us in numerous ways, but looking at the […]

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13% Pakistani’s Use Facebook

According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 13% of Pakistanis claim to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked “Do you use social network websites like Facebook and twitter etc. on Internet or not?” Responding to this, 13% claim […]

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The Thincredible Temptation

The Future: Computers that See, Hear and Feel By-Umer Ali Khan Few days ago, as a representative of Jang Group, I attended a workshop powered by Intel Corporation. The workshop was based upon the upcoming product of Intel family named Ultrabook. I have learned so many innovative and new things about the product in the workshop. The product has great […]

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The Future of Cloud Computing

  By Umer Ali Khan Very Interesting ! I am very glad to write & give you the very marvellous information that you will love to read & Enjoy to getting the knowledge that you will perceive after read my whole article.   If I say ‘Facebook’, ‘Youtube’, ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Hotmail’, I know for sure that I have grabbed your […]

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