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When will it all end ?

  By Blank My heart really goes out to the families of innocent Anti Polio workers who were shot dead in Qauyymabad Karachi few hours ago . The miscreants came out of nowhere on speedy motorcycles and gunned down two women and one man who were administering Polio drops to the infants in  the aforementioned locality .Two polio workers were […]

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The Non existent Justice

By Saleem Fazil Tring tring Ring . I woke up early morning to the phone bell blaring all over my little bedroom.”Hello, Saleem bhai .I’m in a police lock up in your area. Please come and help me get out of here “. The panic stricken call ended abruptly. I was perplexed. I had no clue as to who had […]

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The Xavier Sisters ‘a short blurb’

 By Jennifer  It all started in 1961 when our mother, who was the driving force behind us, got us to sing at our first concert while she played the guitar. We weref five sisters.  The band started to evolve during 1965/66 and by 1967 we played for talent shows and jam sessions all over Karachi. Soon after we were on radio and […]

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“An Amazing Aspect Of Karachi- Sea View

By Samra Saleem Whenever I visit Sea-View or just pass along, the sea always seems a layer of flat and clear silver melting underneath a hazy blue sky. Many find it the most peaceful place in Karachi. Those tired of the noise and chaos in the city, run to Sea-View for their peace of mind. Many bunking college and university […]

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A Night of Cheers &Tears in Karachi

By Aisha Waris Recent blasts in Abbas Town which targeted shia community once again not only was the cause of fear for the karachiites but due to those blasts people (including me) started criticizing  SharmilaFarooqi because , the night of the blast, little miss political celeb was getting engaged at Mohatta palace with all the security deployed at the venue. […]

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MQM not to participate in long march

KARACHI: The leadership of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) has decided not to participate in the long march called by Tahirul Qadri on January 14, Geo News reported Friday.   While addressing a news conference here today, Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar told that the party leadership has decided to separate itself from the long march, however, […]

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Pak Sarzamin

  By – Saad Khan 14th August is around the corner and i can see the landmarks,buildings,parks and streets of Pakistan turning green,preparing for the festivity! The country has turned 65 and  much has changed since its inception, including the Constitution, THRICE(Not pun intended) A lot may have changed for  the better or worse in the years that passed  But the real shocker for me […]

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‘Call-a-Rik’ at your doorstep for luxurious Rikshaw ride in Karachi

By- Sidrah Roghay Lined neatly in a row are 27 white auto rickshaws with spotless doors and glass windows. On a blue strip on their back a number is painted. Once they are out on the streets, they will give Qinqis a run for their money. The Call-a-Rik project, launched on July 24, brings a rickshaw to one’s doorstep. Moreover, […]

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You are too sexy for your shirt.. GIVE IT TO ME!!

By – Eye Contact Rehman Malik the so called guarantor of democracy grabbed the collar of a journalist when he asked a perfectly legitimate question about his dual nationality at the Karachi airport yesterday. A picture tells a thousand stories and this picture is telling a million thousand. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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The Downpours in Karachi- Loved Forever!

By- Hasan Masood Jafferi Living in Karachi and getting ourselves baked in scorching sun is the most common practice amongst Karachites during summers. Only before the month of June. Because, yes, the monsoon is around the corner now and besides all the bad conditions the city gets into due to rain, I love the rains in Karachi more than anything […]

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